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Chapter 98: Playing Life
(by NativeRose, added on 20 November 2007 08:47 PM)

"Recess!" Jenna and Isaac jumped out of the chairs and screamed when the bell rang. Rosalyn quickly left her desk and grabbed Robyn's hand.
"What?" Robyn asked sharply.
"Let's play!" Rosalyn said, tugging her toward the classroom door.
"No! I don't want to play with you!" Rosalyn looked stricken! Her eyes filled with tears, and she started to speak, but someone tugged on her shirt. She turned to see Zack looking at her expectantly. This time, he grabbed her hand and they walked to the playground.

Robyn moved through the students. She didn't want to be at this school, especially not in this class. None of these people were like her.
"Hi!" someone said brightly, skipping next to her.
"Who are you?" Robyn asked shortly.
"I'm Jenna. Want to play?"
"No! i don't play with people who can't see."
"Oh." For the first time in her life, Jenna didn't know what to say. She turned and walked away. Good, Robyn thought, she'll leave me alone. She continued to slowly walk around the playground. She saw those other twins--somebody had said they were Jordan and Andrea.
"Hey, Baker," she sneered, kicking Andrea's wheelchair, "where are my cookies?" Andrea looked up, surprised.
"Hey, be nice to her!" Shane, who sat next to Andrea, said.
"Make me!" Robyn said, sticking her tongue out at him. "What's with this sandbox, anyway? Aren't you guys supposed to sit in the sand on the ground? This one is high. Why?"
"so people who use wheelchairs can play in the sandbox, too," Bethany said in a shaky voice. Robyn picked up a handfull of sand and flung it at Bethany and Shane.
"Ow!" they cried and scrambled for their walkers. Some of the sand ended up in Andrea's eyes, and she started to cry.
"I'm going to get Miss--"
"What's going on over here?" Miss Anela's voice abruptly halted Jordan's assurance to his sister. Shane and Bethany had returned with her.
"That girl," Jordan said, pointing at Robyn, "was mean to Andrea, and then Shane tried to tell her to be nice, and..." Jordan began to explain, but his voice trailed off when Miss Anna came to help Shane and Bethany. "Andrea got sand in her eyes, too." He wanted to make sure Anna didn't leave without his sister; she would need help getting the yucky stuff out of her eyes.
"So tell me again?" However, Jordan could not continue; Anela heard the unmistakeable sound of Zack crying. "Hold that thought; I'll be right back." Jane must have heard the noise at the same time, for Anela heard her running toward Zack as well. He lay on the ground.
"Miss Anela is here. Show me what happened." Zack was so distraught that he forgot the words Miss Lynnette was teaching him to say. Therefore, he grabbed Anela's hand and put it over his bloody leg.
"Jane, please find Robyn and take her to the classroom."
"I'm on it!" the aide said, as she took off. Somehow, Anela knew Robyn had something to do with this event as well as the others.
"Are there any more owies?" Zack indicated his hands, other leg and nose.
"Okay, let's go see Miss Abby so she can help you feel better soon." Zack already had enough trouble walking, but it was more difficult because of the pain, so she picked him up and carried him to the nurse's office. She opened the door to find a stranger in the office.
"Oh, I started training today," the young woman said in response to Anela's surprise. "I'm Ashlyn, and today is my first day working with Abby." Then Anela remembered they were going to hire a new nurse to help Abby; Ashlyn must be that person.
"It's a busy place today! We got four of you all at once!"
"It's usually not like this," Anela said as she took Zack to a chair. She could hear her other charges whimpering in the next room. She peeked in and heard Abby talking to Andrea.
"We're almost finished."
"Sorry to send so many your way this morning," Anela began. "Zack is here, too."
"Yeah, what happened out there?"
"Actually, I'm going to figure that out now. We have a new student, and she's already causing mischief as you can see. Give us a call when you're finished, and we'll send someone here to get Zack and Andrea."
Anela prayed for God to give her the wisdom to know how to handle the latest challenge with this student.
"I don't have to stay here!" Anela heard Robyn screaming at Jane before she reached the classroom. She opened the door, quickly entered, and closed it behind her.
"Stop this at once!" she said firmly, but the girl was undaunted. "I hate this school, and I don't want to be here!" Anela had heard such words spoken in frustration before. Kennan had lashed out in the beginning out of fear, but that was easy to spot. It appeared to be pure hatred with this girl. Even if it was just fear manifested in this way, she could not be allowed to hurt other people.
"What happened at recess today?"
"Tell me what happened during recess."
"I don't have to!"
"This is not the best way to start out at a new school."
"I don't care!"
"Why don't you like school?"
"It's stupid...you're stupid, and so are all those losers!"
"I will not tollerate this. It is terribly unkind for you to talk about other people that way. That hurts people's feelings." In response, Robyn proceeded to spit at Anela.
"You're going to Miss Chandra's office!" Anela stood and reached for Robyn's hand.
"No!" the girl screamed, and she turned away from Anela. Anela lifted her out of the chair, and when she stood on her own, took Robyn firmly in hand. Anela marched the loudly-protesting Robyn to the principle's office.

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