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Chapter 95: Changing Colors
(by NativeRose, added on 18 November 2007 07:26 PM)

Many changes were taking place during the autumn in Apple Valley, and Anela saw her class the same way. As the leaves turned brilliant colors, students were added to her class. They also formed new friendships, and the whole class turned from darkness to light. Maybe they should put on a play. It was the beginning of October, and if they could perform right before Christmas...that would be just amazing! The students in her class had so many varying talents, and this would make the pageant unique indeed!
The day was Saturday, so she still had most of her weekend to plan. Next Friday, she would take her charges to the restaurant her friend owned. There, she would discuss plans for the play. She picked up the phone to call her friends, Matt and Karissa Daniels.

On this same Saturday, Heidi drove across town to the Ross home. It was her regular playdate with Kennan and Bethany. She knew it was incredibly important to keep these dates. That way, Kennan and Bethany could continue to learn to trust Heidi. Today, the whole family was going to the park for what would probably be the last time for the year. Corrine had pledged to pack foods everyone could eat, so Heidi came prepared ready to play! When she got to their home, the Rose's van was already parked in the driveway. Brandon and Amy had allowed Jamison and Corrine to use their wheelchair van for the day. Heidi ran to the door, eager to help. First, Jamison lowered the ramp, and Heidi helped Bethany get into the van first. She folded the walker before she pushed Kennan aboard.
"Okay, I'm not sure how to strap him in..." Heidi watched intently as Jamison threaded the straps through the various parts of the wheelchair to hold it in place. She would have to watch this a few more times before she could strap Bethany, Scott or Kennan in. She loved to see the joy on their faces; they were clearly as excited as she was to start playing! What would this day bring?

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