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Chapter 93: A New Friend
(by NativeRose, added on 18 November 2007 05:36 PM)

Scott, Bethany and Kennan played in Scott's back yard. The excited chatter suddenly stopped.
"It's Nequenta!" Scott told the other two. "Her mommy is here, but I think they're going into your house, Beth."
"We should go play with her!" Bethany said.

Corrine had called her friend Rose Anderson, who worked for the state. When Rose saw the other three children, she took Nequenta to them. "Nequenta, it's Scott, Bethany and Kennan from school!"
"Hi, ladies!" Amy said as she stepped outside.
"We have quite a crew here!"
"Yeah, I'm here to meet with Heidi. You know she's been staying with Jamison and Corrine. They refused to let her go back to that box of sticks she called a home. I have some places and options in mind, so we're going to look at some of those things today."
"Oh, that's great..." Amy's voice trailed off, as she watched the four children at play.
"Remember the first dance you helped Don and Anela plan? Do you think he'd be willing to do that again? Maybe they could arrange it for the end of the school year."
"Oh, that would be great fun for the students and staff! Oh, there's Heidi. Do you want me to take Nequenta with me?"
"No, they're having such great fun!"
"You can handle all four?"
"Wure. If I need some extra hands, I'll give a shout, but I'm not worried about it." Rose smiled as she turned to walk to the Ross's home.

Scott and Bethany continued to play in the sandbox, but Kennan and Nequenta moved away and began talking. They both used the same communication devices. Kennan remembered Nequenta from school, but he had never really talked to her. Soon, they were engrossed in conversation, and Scott and Bethany were involved in their play, so they didn't see the six adults standing in Beth's driveway.
"Hey, it's time to eat supper. Today, we're all going to our house!" Jamison exclaimed. Rose and Corrine pushed Nequenta and Kennan's wheelchairs, respectively. It took several minutes for the group to situate all the wheelchairs and walkers around the table, which had been extended to seat all ten people with extra space for those who needed it.

Heidi watched yet another new interaction. Although Nequenta was two years older than Kennan, they had a lot in common and had been talking quite amicably. She was also quite certain that, if Scott and Bethany remained best friends, they could become romantically linked as well. Just as with Bethany's silly statement about how Scott would marry her, Heidi didn't know how accurate her predictions would be. Rose was feeding Nequenta and Jamison was feeding Kennan.
"amy I feed Kennan?" Heidi asked him. "You need to eat, too, you know," she finished, indicating Jamison's plate of cold food. She followed Corrine and Emily's example and describe things to Kennan. "Here comes the spoon. The spoon is going in Kennan's mouth. Those are peas, though I'm not sure you'd know it. Next comes some ham. Open up! See, Nequenta is eating the same thing. This food smells different; it is mashed potatoes." Thus, the conversation continued, and Heidi would remember every detail of this night. She would be leaving soon.

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