Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 92: heidi's immproovment.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 18 November 2007 09:27 AM)

after a few days with the rosses heidi started to feel better. coreen started to introduce her to all the people who could help her with things souch as her housing and medicle care if she wheir to fall ill again. Also being with the rosses helped her learn to immproove her relation ship with kennon and bethany. bethany and kennon wheir starting to love heidi and bethany was starting to get over the trouble with mr simons. heidi could see all the goodness filling in around her and she could see her life transforming before her eyes. she looked at the people in the school room and could see they wheir all helping kennon. she hoped that one day even though she was not going to have kennon live with her she would be able to help coreen raze him. every night since the first storrie heidi read kennon a storrie from a diffrent book each night. but his faverate was the just so storries. that night after the meating kennon was on eidi's lap ready for a storrie when bethany came in.

"Um can i listen to the storrie as well?" heidi nodded and bethany sat next to kennon. as heidi was reading the storrie coreen came to listen out side the door. hering the way heidi read the storrie filled coreen with a lump in her throught bethany and kennon wheir ingrosed in the storrie that they did not realize that coreen was stood behind them.

"That was a lovely storrie, i really enjoyed it." said coreen. heidi who khad not known that coreen was in the room blushed. coreen then asked kennon and bethany to leave the room.

coreen then told heidi that mr simons had been saced from the church and that they wheir looking for a new organist, coreen told heidi that she thought that heidi should give it ago because ofthe lovely she played and it may give her confedence. Heidi agreed and knew that her life was going to be better. gabe was locked and all that bad stuff was behind her. heidi knew that soon she would need to talk to coreen about her longing to be back with god and she knew that she also needed to look for a job. she knew whatshe wanted to do but did not know weather she would be accepted. after seeing how kennon and bethany enjoyed her music and storries and the way she had helped bethany through her ordeal with mr simons, she wanted to be a music therapy teacher stroke counseler. she decided that she would ask coreen about her chances when they next had a chat alone.

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