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Chapter 90: kennon.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 17 November 2007 11:06 AM)

kennon sat in the wheel chair by the window after his nap. even though he could not see he liked to sit by the window and feel the sun on his face. Suddenly he heard vilant coffing from the next room.

"Hello." kennon shouted but he did not here any one. kennon slowly and carefully wheeld him self to the sound of the coffing. when he went in to the room he heard a woman coffing he went over to the bed and felt around on the bed he found a woman. after studying her feetures with his hands he recognised heidi.

"You okay kennon wurried." on hereing the bleep heidi opend her eyes then she saw kennon sat by the bed and realized it was that computer he used to talk. suddenly the message came through that kennon had typed.

"Ho hello kennon! enjoy your nap?"
"Kennon loves to sleep he replied." heidi was amazed that kennon could not structure a centance together properly. With treperdation she continued the conversation.

"So kennon do you like books?"
"Never heard books only ones school learn me."
"You mean no one has ever read you a storry."
"My horrable mommy says kennon can't have stories." heidi was becomming more amazed by kennons lack of knolledge about the world. she decided that kennon should have a storie..
"Would you like to here a storrie kennon?" heidi asked. kennon was taken aback by the question his other mommies had never alowd him to have stories, he wunderd why bethany and scott liked them so much.
"Yes would like storrie." heidi then looked around the room for a book suddenly she found one about animals. it was the just so storries by radyard kipperling. when she started to read kennon turned his chair to face the bed, suddenly as heidi read on kennon started wimporing and touching the bed then he felt for heidi's hand and put it on her lap.
"You want to come on my lap kennon?" kennon smiled. heidi lifted kennon on to her lap then continued the storrie. suddenly kennon interupted again. he typed

"Are their pictures?" heidi told him that their was then realizing that kennon did not know what the world was like started to discribe each picture to him as she had heard coreen discribe things to him. at the end of the storrie kennon had a smile on his face he went to the hall and made a yelling noise. coreen came running and saw that kennon was smiling.

"Kennon are you okay."
"Kennon likes storrie." he replied.

"But kennon you have never heard a storie before." then coreen went passed kennon in to heidi's room and saw the book open on her lap.

"You just read kennon a storrie? he has never had them before." heidi noddded a smile on her face. kennon then wizzed back in to the room and sat next to heidi's bed.
"She read me storrie." said kennon. coreen smiled happely
"That is good kennon, but heidi was sleeping you should not have disterbed her." on hering the reppramand in coreens voice kennon started shaking. "Sorry sorry please don't hit me." said kennon with a tremmor in his voice. coreen tried to hugg kennon but he wheeld him self closer to the bed. coreen then realized kennons damage was worce than first thought he had odveyassly been told off a lot. heidi who had been watching the exchange said. "It's okay coreen, he heard me coffing and came to check on me." coreen was shocked she thought that kennon would not realize what the sound of coffing was. she started to think about what ellse kennon may under stand if he was helped to let it out in the write way. heidi also senced kennons bright mind deep inside and also wundered just how bright kennon was when he learnd to trust people.

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