Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 87: heidi's tallant.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 16 November 2007 02:05 PM)

suddenly before any one could react jamason came out of the room. "Bethany, come on you like sunday school." on feeling jamason's touch she snuggled closer in to heidi and tremboled even more.

"She ain't going in their." said heidi "She is tromatized about something that she seems to have kept in for a long time. i use to be like this before i had counceling so i know what is going on." with that heidi turned and walked out the door with coreen following in shocked amazement. she could not beleave how well heidi was handling the situation and suddenly a new respect grew in coreens mind for heidi. then heidi amazed her again.

"Bethany, what is up? mr simons knows you well." said coreen.

bethany just shook her head. "No not again please not again." heidi who had done a bit of counceling in her drug rehab sat on a bench by the church intrance with bethany on her lap. coreen who was being spell binded by heidi sat next to them and watched.

"Bethany, you are safe now. Your moma and i are here, why are you scared of mr simons?" to coreens amamazement bethany just nodded.

"He said if i told any one he would make it so i never walked again and he said he would make sure i was crippled." bethany sobbed while she was talking.

"What do you mean? tell us what?" heidi gently probed. "He kept me behind last week and started touching me but emmaly interupted him and he let me know, she did not se him do anything." coreen saw heidi look startled then she said gently.

"Bethany are you really sure about this? because mr simons is liked by every one." bethany ignored coreen's words.

"Then he said i had to stay behind next week as he liked little girls like me." heidi looked at coreen the look on both womens faces was thunderass.

"I beleave her, when i was in rehab i saw people who went through emotionall trama and i went through it my self so i know she is not lying." coreen agreed because she had brought bethany up not to lye. they went and found jamason and told him the news. coreen who had been amazed by heidi's handling of betany just staird at the younger woman. suddenly coreen gave heidi a hugg .

"How did you do that?" heidi explaind that in rehab she had done a bbit of counceling corses and that she had speashalized in abused and neglected children. coreen knew then that heidi was speshal and that this woman needed a chance.

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