Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 86: the church.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 16 November 2007 01:30 PM)

next morning all the family got in to coreens car ready to travel to church and heidi followd in her batterd one. when they got to the church they all took seats in the back row. suddenly the organ started to play and heidi knew she was home but how would she cope with the service? in the end she settled on watching bethany and kennon sitting on benches ither side of jamason and corene heidi who was sitting next to kennon watched in ore as kennon started to smile at the music. suddenly to heidi's amamazement bethany skipped over corenes lap and bent down next to her. "Um it should be you playing that organ, not the man who is playing it now." the organist at the church was very old and un be known to every one he was a convicted child abuser. unfortunately only bethany out of the ross family knew this because he had tried keeping her behind after sunday school but just as he was goign to do something he had been interupted by one of the other members of staff. on hering bethany heidi said "Why? he seems okay to me." coreen then turned to watch as she could here bethany talking to heidi. suddenly to heidi and coreen's amamazement bethany climbed on to heidi's lap and started bursting in to teers. bethany did not move for the whole service and just sat tremboling evry time the organist started playing a himm. at the end the organist came down to speak to them. "Well what did you think good service?"

"Yes grate as usual." said coreen and jamason in unison. when the children went in to sunday school only heidi noticed bethany crying and tremboling while the organist spoke. "Bethany it's time for sunday school, come on darling." said coreen. Bethany did not move coreen and jamason wear helping kennan and scott in to the room only heidi noticed the tremorass look on bethanies face.

"What's up? you got exited when your mom mentiond church yesterday. i thought you liked sunday school." heidi asked.

"no no don't want to go with him." said bethany trembling. Heidi who was not use to this kind of thing searched for coreen not seeing her in site she took bethany in to her arms and followd tords the sunday school room. when coreen saw heidi carreying bethany she knew that something was rong. she had noticed bethany go and sit with heidi and also she had noticed how bethany had been trembling when mr simons the organist had come over. when they got to the door of the room coreen came out to meat them.

"What's up bethany? you like sunday school." suddenly mr simons came out of the room as soon as she saw him bethany started clinging to heidi and shaking. Coreen was amazed by how well heidi was handoling bethany and suddenly knew that bethany was scarde of mr simons the question was how could they get bethany to talk.

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