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Chapter 83: the talk.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 14 November 2007 08:54 AM)

when every one ellse had gone to do their disired activities corine and heidi remaind at the table suddenly the two women felt a sence of peace.

"Whats the matter heidi? you looked lost earlyer while jamason was praying, i senced you wanted to join in but did not know how."

suddenly with out worning heidi burst in to tears looking at the younger woman coreen could see the want and disire on heidi's face. also she could see the look of intence consentration on heidi's face. she knew then that this young woman had had a horrable life and could sence that maybey it had not all been her choice. when heidi's teers subsided to corine's suprise she said.

"I was brought up to beleave in god but when i met gabe and got in to the drugs and the illness i turned my back on it thinking that all i was was a loser then i lost bethany and kennon and that was when i decided i needed to get a life and try again to forge a relation ship with my kids. i know they will never live with me but when my sister died in that car crash leaving scott paralized and kyle a broken man i knew then i would have to be their for them. that was when gabes trile came up and i put all my heart in to testifying and making sure he could never hurt me or any one ellse again." listening to the young woman coreen suddenly knew what a corages young woman heidi really was. suddenly as she looked round the room in wunder heidi saw the butiful piano jamason and corene had bought to try and find a way through to kennons mind also it was something bethany and scott had wanted to learn. when she saw the pianno heidi's eyes lit up and she walked over to it running her fingers over the lovely keys she just smiled.

"Heidi, what's up?" asked corene.

"Well um" heidi compossed her self "well i use to play pianno before all the drugs and stuff happpend but for the last ten years since my life went down hill i have never even touched one." corene could see the longing in heidi's eyes and knew that maybey she needed to face this challenge in order to see that she was still worth something and that maybey this was her way of taking god in to her heart.

"I don't know really why we bought this pianno" corine said "Nither me or jamason can play but scott and bethany wanted to learn and we feel that kennon could benafit from the music. go on have a go look deep in your heart and god will sho you how." suddenly all the others came back in to the room scott and bethany bringing up the rere behind jamason and kennon. sencing the need for quiet they all just enterd the room. on seeing the pianno lid open scott and bethony came up to it. Heidi knew then that she could do this. with a sence of trepidation she sat on the pianno stool and found the music book open on one of the himms she had loved also un benown to heidi it was the rosses and scotts favourate himm. suddenly jamason pushed kennon over to join bethany and scott.

guiding kennons hand to the instroment jamason explained to kennon what it did suddenly on hering the noice kennon smiled and started pressing all the keys. on seeing this heidi looked round at every one watching her then she took kennons hand in to hers. "Okay listen to this lovely instroment when it is properly played, if you like it now you will deffantly like it then." kennon riggled in his wheelchair smiling. jamason then put kennon on the stool next to heidi. suddenly heidi started to play the himm. As bethany recognised what it was she started to smile. after the introduction to heidi, scott, corene and jamason and kennons amazement bethany started to sing the himm her sweet voice filling the room. then following bethany's lead every one joind in even kennon was trying to have a go. when the song was over heidi looked round at this family with admoration, she allready loved them all and seeing the happy look on the childrens faces knew that this had ment a lot to them. As corene looked at heidi she saw the joy on her face and sence of feeling neded. suddenly kennon said

"Like music." in them two words corene could see their answer to healing kennon. The rest of the afternoon passed on with a fun time of songs and prers. when heidi left that knight she felt like everything was comming together for her and that maybey she could tell theese people about the fact that she lived in a shop doorway and not a apartment as she had oridunally told them. she had not wanted theese people to doubt her but on seeing the looks on theese people's faces she knew they would not and that they would want to help her. driving back to the northern side of town wheir she lived she saw the hopelessness of the situation and knew she had to pluck up the curridge to leave this part of town. even thogh she had not touched drugs for four years this part of town was full of it and she knew that if she did not try and get help soon that her situation may get worce. before bedding down in her car she sent a prer to god that she would have the curridge to confide the trueth to the rosses and that she would embrase their help when it was given. after the prer she drove back passed the rosses and parked in the park wheir she had had that first interaction with kennan. now she had done this she knew that it would be okay and that she would no matter what temptations came to her never go to that horrable part of town again.

coreen who was up late had see heidi drive passed her house wundering why heidi was still driving this late she wunderd weather she should investagate further. as she had seen the ragged look of heidi's clothes and senced that their was something heidi was ashamed to tell them.

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