Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 78: heidi takes the first step to remorse.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 08:18 AM)

Bending down next to kennan and the dog as she had seen coreen do she said. "Kennon it's me, i'me sorry for not taking you with me but it was two danjorass for you." kennon just sat staring blankly and nodded his head. coreen was amazed with what she was hearing maybe just maybe she had heidi all rong. As she watched heidi bending by kennon's chair she noted how heidi had to concentrate to stop her hands shaking, even though she is clean she still has the shakes coreen thought to her self but decided to forr get that for now. she went up to kennon and heidi and sat on the park bench behind them. Kennon said in to his computer "What color is reo's eyes." coreen noted that kennon had not been helped much with grammor and waited to see how heidi would respond. to coreens amazement heidi sat on the other bench opersit coreen and took kennon on to her lap. to coreens amazement she started to describe the dog to kennon as she had heard coreen do earlyer. coreen decided that it was time to confront heidi and listen to her side of things. it was odveyass that heidi had a lot of work to do but she decided that the young woman needed a chance. "God god god i don't beleave they keep talking to me about this god i don't understand stuff like this." kennon said. Heidi who had been a beleaver before she had met gabe and got in to the drugs did not know what to say to kennon so she just made the sign of the cross on kennans forhead. "I understand how you feel kennon, i use to beleave in god before i did the nauty thing but from what i remember it is a nice thing." coreen gasbed in shock she had not known that heidi had been a beleaver and was shocked. heidi then looked around at all the things in the park and suddenly wanted to be part of theese people's lives. after watching theese two familys and the kids she knew that she had to get back in touch with god but how and would they beleave her? would they beleave that her treatment for the disorder? and would they beleave her when she told them she was clean? she hoped that she could poswaid them because she knew that she wanted to be a changed woman and make something of her self.

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