Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 73: Jamison's Side
(by NativeRose, added on 11 November 2007 07:22 PM)

Jamison took Bethany's walker to clean the handgrips and brace bars as Corrine helped Bethany change clothes. He, too was thinking similar thoughts, though neither parent knew what the other was thinking. Would Beth's biological father have gotten angry because there was yet another mark on the wall? Would he have been more concerned about the chipped pain due to the walker brace bars and wheels hitting the wall when Beth fell? Or would he have been more concerned about Bethany and any sustained injuries? Most families worried about having shiny cars, cable television and the latest cell phones. However, Jamison and Corrine's views were different. Maybe it was because they had children with disabilities, and the little things just didn't seem that important anymore. Demonstrating God's characteristics, expressing their own love and ensuring safety were more important to them. Jamison went to the garage to find some paint to touch up her set of legs. The brace bar on the front of the walker was forever colliding with stuff, and he wasn't painting just so it would "look" normal. Bethany would enjoy seeing the bright colors. While most fathers helped their sons put model cars together, Jamison painted the brace bars with a color Beth would be able to see. Maybe families such as Jamison's looked at things differently because they chose these children. "Just as I have chosen you." Jamison's thoughts took off in another direction in response to the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Of course that was true. Jesus had died for all, and all had blemishes; some flaws just weren't as visible as others. Thus, how could anyone look down upon these precious little ones and judge them? How could their own parents see them as burdensome? When Jamison and Corrine had chosen Bethany, they knew a rough road lay before them. Then, when they were informed of Kennan's need to be placed in a different foster home, they readily agreed. They were just ecstatic when they found that Brandon and Amy Rose wanted to adopt Kennan. They would sure had their hands full when it was all said and done. Thankfully, all four parents, along with a network of other caring individuals truly desired to help these families and their small charges. Scott and Kennan would need a different kind of care than Bethany did, because they were dealing with the emotional trauma of losing their parents.
"Yay! It's all shiny!" Bethany said, when she saw her recently cleaned and painted walker. She waved her little arms excitedly from the safety of her mommy's arms. She squirmed, wanting to walk on her own again.
"Thank you!" she said, as she reached out to Jamison. He responded to her visual cue expressing her need for a hug. Jamison held her for several minutes, as much for her physical support as for her emotional growth. Although she was not his biological child, he loved her as if Corrine had borne her. When Corrine reappeared with one of Bethany's older walkers, Jamison released her. "You can't use this walker yet," Jamison explained, indicating the freshly painted one, "because the paint has to dry." Bethany turned to Scott and Kennan and said, "Let's go play!" Both parents watched with great delight, as Scott and Bethany raced down the ramp and to the elevated sandbox. But then they noticed something different: Kennan didn't follow after them, and they had to find out why.

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