Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 65: Watering the Seeds
(by NativeRose, added on 22 October 2007 11:08 PM)

Kennan still sat at his desk, but he didn't open his book. That was the second time Scott did something nice for him. Kennan realized Scott had not asked for anything in return on either occasion. Maybe he could actually be telling the truth about wanting to be Kennan's friend.

As Scott released the brakes on his wheelchair, he watched Kennan's face. Although the slightly younger boy could not speak verbally, his facial expression spoke louder than shouted words ever could. Here was a boy who was so lost without his parents. Who knew what his life had been like before they died? "God, help him not to be sad and scared anymore," Scott prayed as he went back to his table.
That night when Scott got home from school, he found his daddy there waiting for him. That was weird; Daddy was a teacher for big people, and he usually got home around suppertime. Brandon and Amy Rose prayed in the room just beyond the kitchen, where Scott was eating his mommy's oh-so-yummy chocolate chip cookies! He was oblivious to the desperate prayers and the conversation going on nearby.

"Scott, we have something to tell you," Brandon said very quietly and seriously.
"It's important, so you have to listen carefully," Amy continued.
"It's about the new boy in your class--"
"I know hin!" Scott interrupted Brandon breathlessly. "Kennan is so sad! I helped him twice. He actually played with me today!"
"That's good. Well, you know that he lives with another family."
"They're mean to him! Why aren't they like you?"
"Well, some people don't live like Jesus wants them to live. Because the people Kennan lives with now are not doing what God wants them to, he is going to move in next door."
"I thought he was going to live here!" Scott said, his lower lip beginning to quiver.
"Just listen," Amy said, reaching out to hug him.
"He is coming to live here soon, but he still has to live with another family for a little while. He is going to live with Bethany's family, so you will see him a lot."
"Can...can...can he come over to play with me?" Scott waved his arms excitedly.
"Of course you can."
"When is he...when is he going to live with Bethany?"
"It will be tomorrow."
"Yay! I'm going to tell Beth!" Scott frantically rolled through the kitchen and out the door. Brandon and Amy smiled as they watched their son speed toward Bethany's house. If Kennan didn't think people could love him, he was going to find out soon!

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