Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 6: Tamara and Isaac
(by Caitlin, added on 9 May 2004 04:58 AM)

Tamara wandered among the students, feeling rather glum. She passed Jenna, scribbling upon her paper and humming cheerily to herself. She passed Scott, sitting in his wheelchair, crayon in hand, not drawing, but letting his eyes roam the room. Then she came upon Isaac. The boy was sitting straight up in his seat, kicking his heels incessently on the bar beneath his chair.
"What are you drawing, Isaac?" Tamara asked tentatively.
"I don't know what to draw," the boy answered frankly, tapping his forehead with his purple crayon.
"Why don't you draw a picture of yourself?" Tamara suggested.
"Naw." Isaac scrutinized Tamara baldly, with his open and honest blue eyes. "You want me to draw a picture of you?"
"I would love that," Tamara told him earnestly.
So Isaac began to draw. Though he fidgeted and often strayed from his task, Tamara would gently and timidly say something along the lines of, "My, what a talent you have for drawing faces, Isaac!" or "Look at the beautiful sky you've drawn," and he would snap to attention, hastily scribbling another detail. Behind his uncontrolably energetic facade, she saw a blossoming artist, just waiting for the right person to help him along.
Anela drifted past, and Tamara told Isaac she would be right back. Isaac smiled at her and kept scrawling.
Tamara took Anela aside.
"I'm really getting to know Isaac," she said, 'he really is quite the sweetie."
"Yes," Anela said with a gracious smile. "He seems to be quite the little gentlemen, if a bit too talkative. I would love it if you would try to give him a little one-on-one attention. That would be great for him."
With a cheerful smile, Tamara said, "I would be honored to do that for Isaac. ... I'd better go see how he's doing." And she returned to her new friend, to view the glories of his picture, and to drink in his radiant smile.

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