Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 55: Anela's Point to Ponder
(by NativeRose, added on 29 April 2006 01:09 AM)

During recess, Jane and Anna offered to supervise the students at play. Jenny, the teacher from the classroom next door volunteered to do the same.
“Thanks for your help. I really want to read Scott’s journal entry before he comes back to class.”
She picked up the sheet of paper and began to read. She could see that he was afraid and felt terribly out of place with the Rose family. She was especially interested when she got to the part about his experience at church, and then his conversations with Brandon and Amy. They seemed to be really religious people, and Anela wasn’t sure that was the best thing for Scott. She remembered hearing Kyle speaking to Brandon about how he didn’t want God in his life. Brandon had simply said that he’d be praying for Kyle. Prayer seemed to be extremely important to this family, and they thought God could improve Scott’s and Kyle’s lives considerably.
Anela had always been quite unhappy as a child, she always felt that something was missing. Maybe this God was what she was looking for. Maybe she should ask Brandon and Amy Rose. Then she remembered reading something about how Candice Goldsmith and Emily James were Christians. She wondered about Scott’s physical therapist. Was Janell Jacobs a Christian? If so, Scott would be surrounded by them. Was that such a good thing? If what they all said was true, with God in his life, Scott would be able to make it through everything. Apparently God could give Scott the strength he needed. If He could do that for Scott, couldn’t God do the same for Kyle Smith? Could this God do the same for Anela? Was God this thing that was missing in her life; could He fill the emptiness? Surely Brandon, Amy, Candice, Emily and perhaps Janell would all reaffirm her suspicions with a resounding “yes.” How could Anela find this God? What should she do? She didn’t want to rush into anything; perhaps she would continue to watch the interaction between Scott’s adoptive parents, the staff and Scott before she did anything.

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