Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 51: A new twist
(by jennifer palmer, added on 22 April 2006 10:34 AM)

Anella stood in front of her class. Today we will have a discussion we are going to start to do this every morning. I want you all to come up with the topics and if we can we will try to cover them all. She had read some books by a woman named Torey Hayden who like anella had had a class of kids with special needs. I want you to think of things to talk about today while I tell you about something else we're going to do. I have here a box every day when you see someone doing something nice for someone or doing something good that they normally don't do I want you to write them a note. Then on friday we will read the notes and whoever gets the most gets a prize. Andrew didn't know what to think but he knew this could work wonders for the younger kids he too had read the books even though they were on an adult level he didnt care and neither did his parents they were too drunk and high to care. Anna pointed out to anella that scott had his hand up "yes scott she said her voice calm. Anella can we talk about love? He seemed hesitant to ask this. Yes what do you want to know? If dady says he loves me why did i have to live with a new family? Anella took a breath well, your father didnt think he could give you all you needed and he had to make sure you were going to be ok. She wondered too about Kyle's actions but didn't let this on to Scott. Andrew smiled then as he typed sometimes you just have to know they love you even when they cant care for you at all. I should know I deal with my own issues I think books and tv raised me and still do but that's not something you younger kids need to hear stay innosant while ya can Jane saw tears in his eyes but didn't comment. Love is a bond that can never and will never be shattered. This came from Adam who sat tears in his eyes just remember your dad loves you and it probably hurt him too.

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