Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 48: Super Glue Friendship
(by NativeRose, added on 6 August 2004 10:52 PM)

"Sean," Anela started, "Do you have a Dynomite like Nequenta's?"
"No, and please call me Andrew, that is my middle name, and everyone calls me Andrew."
"Sure, that's fine," she responded, as she moved toward Adam and Brandon.
"What are you writing in your journal, Brandon?" Anela inquired.
"Oh, he's just having a petit mal seizure, don't worry. Just give him a minute, and repeat your question," Adam explained. They had been best friends for as long as they could remember. Adam had glaucoma and nystagmus, and Brandon helped him read things when the print wasn't big enough. Brandon had been trained in how to help Brandon when he had grand mal seizures. their disabilities didn't keep the two boys apart; they simply helped the other where he lacked the ability to do something. Their friendship was a strong bond, like super glue; it could never be broken.

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