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Chapter 46: Journals
(by Caitlin, added on 13 July 2004 06:21 AM)

"Let's all write an entry in our journals, about our weekend," Anela suggested, after they had met in the circle and begun the day.
"Yay!" jordan cried, flipping open a new, blank journal. "I love to write!"
"Me, too!" cried Scott, flipping to a blank page. He was already on his second journal.
"Me, three!" Isaac was scrawling so quickly and untidily that Anela could hear it across the room, and know that it would be completely illegible.
"Isaac, slow down, sweetie," she said. "Try to write more neatly."
She turned to find Shane and Sierra so deeply absorbed in their journals that they didn't even seem to be noticing the hubub around them.
Jenna, she noticed, seemed to have a lot to say too. Any minute, Anela expected smoke to rise from the child's BrailleNote.
"Shane, why don't you read me your entry?" Anela asked, when he had closed his journal.
He opened it up, and read, as Anela, Anna and Jane all listened:

Sierra came over to my house. We were playing blocks but then she had a seizure. I was scared she was going to not wake up. SHe slept after the seizure. I stayed by her bed. I didn't want her to be lonely. I hate being alone. If I'm alone and doing stuff, I feel okay. But if I'm alone and I have nothing to do, i'm sad. So I stayed by her. Soon she woke up and she was fine. THen we played more blocks. It was lots of fun. Sierra's my best friend.

"Wonderful, Shane!" exclaimed Anela, patting the child gently on the hsoulder. "Writing and reading! Great work!"
She and her new assistants moved off into a corner.
"The bonding between your students is amazing, especially when you consider their differences," Jane said sincerely.
"And their disabilities are all so different, but yet, they get along beautifully," marveled Anna, awed.
"And with new students, too," said Anna.
Anela smiled, somewhat proudly.
"They're a wonderful group," she said graciously, with a small, contented smile on her face.

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