Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 44: Pieces of the Puzzle
(by NativeRose, added on 11 July 2004 03:33 AM)

Anela walked into her classroom on Monday morning to find a surprise waiting for her.
A very unpleasant surprise.
Summer and Tamara stood before her.
"I quit! I just can't handle these screaming, crying children anymore," Tamara explained.
"And the medical problems," Summer added. "They're just too stressful. As if there isn't enough stress in my life." With that, they turned, leaving the stunned teacher staring at the place where they had been.

A young blonde stepped lightly into the classroom.
"Hi, I'm Anna Joyce, here for my first day..."
"Oh yes! I'm looking forward to working with you!" Before she had finished, the second recently hired aide entered.
"I'm Jane Peters, and I'm very excited about working with your students. I've been a special education teacher for five years, and..." She stopped, when she saw Shane and Sierra enter the classroom.
They were followed by two new students.

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