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Chapter 39: Joy in the Morning
(by NativeRose, added on 30 June 2004 04:08 AM)

Rosalyn and Nequenta entered class together, Rosalyn bouncing along behind Nequenta's wheelchair. Next, Jenna and Isaac ran through the doorway, Jenna's cane waving wildly before her. Scott rolled in, looking tired. He had had a great time the previous weekend. They had gone to Bambinos with Miss Peterson, and had a blast! Now he was feeling the effects of his busy weekend. Last, Shane entered, went directly to his desk in the corner, and sat down, staring glumly at the blank table before him. The general hum of her students stopped suddenly when Sierra entered. Shane's little face lit up; it was like the difference between night and day, Summer thought, as she watched his changing countenance. He walked to Sierra, left his walker standing before him, and flung his small arms around the older girl's thin shoulders.
"I'm so glad you're back! I missed you so much!" the child chattered on, tapping incessantly on his walker handgrip.
"Yeah, I'm glad to be back, too," Sierra smiled shyly.
"Today is a special day for our class," Anela said, as her class quieted.
"As you can see, Sierra is back with us. We're all glad you're back in school, Sierra."
"Yeah! I missed you!" Shane spoke up.
"Me too," said Jenna.
"Yeah! Yeah!" Isaac chimed in, waving his pencil in the air.
The morning's activities proceeded as they normally would. After coloring, alphabet and numbers, the recess bell rang. Shane immediately shuffled toward Sierra.
"Let's play!" They sauntered to the playground, escorted by their teacher, and went straight for the swings. Shane watched Sierra's face, looking for any sign of lasting effects. He had been so worried about his friend. She was his best friend, and he didn't want to lose her.
After recess, Anela spoke to the class before snack.
"We're going to have something special for snack today. We're celebrating Sierra's return to class, so we are having one of her favorite foods for snack."
"Chocolate cake!" Sierra's excited cry shattered the silence that followed. As Shane and Sierra ate their cake, he found himself looking at her peaceful countenance. He was comforted to find that she, Sierra, hadn't changed, despite her difficult medical condition.

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