Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 37: Love is a Gentle Rain
(by NativeRose, added on 25 June 2004 04:30 AM)

Anela sat in her kitchen, thinking about what her class could do to welcome Sierra back to school on Monday. Shane will be so excited to see her; he's really missed her a lot, Anela mused. The phone scattered her thoughts.
"Anela," Kyle's calming voice greeted her.
"Are you free this evening?"
"Yes," she answered hesitantly.
"It seems to me you could use a little time to unwind, let loose, as you're always under so much pressure. I found a sitter for Scott, you remember my friends Marybeth and Shane Lambert, with the teenage daughter, Ingrid?"
"Oh yes. What a tragic story!"
"That it is," Kyle agreed quietly.
"Ingrid's parents were abusive, then the foster parents were killed, and now she's with the Lamberts. I hope she's doing all right."
"Rest assured, my friend, she is in good hands. Remember, God is with her always."
Anela smiled, she was glad a love for God burned within Kyle's heart as well as her own. She was growing extremely fond of him, and...
"Oh, sorry about that. My thoughts drifted off to...who knows where?"
"I asked if you want to go to Bambinos this evening. I know how you love Italian food."
"Oh, yes, that would be great."
"Promise me one thing, Anela."
"That is?"
"Try to relax. Leave all of your worries at the door."
"I'll do my best," she smiled as she hung up the phone.

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