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Chapter 36: Keep in Touch!
(by Caitlin, added on 22 June 2004 03:30 AM)

Sierra sat in her room, eyes puffy, face swollen. She couldn't help herself, she couldn't stop crying. she had loved dear Autumn so much in so little time. Autumn understood her. Autumn never got upset when Sierra drifted off to sleep while they were chatting, or needed to change after a seizure. Autumn knew about these things.
One thing Sierra was exceptional at was working with her computer. As soon as she got home, she switched it on, eager to catch up on her E-Mail and to meet some of her friends on Instant Messenger.
To her delight, she got an Instant Message from none other but Autumn herself!
AutumnWind12: Hi there, Sierra! Home already?
SierraStarlit: Yep, sure am! I wanted to check on my E-Mail and stuff.
AutumnWind12: Cool! Well I've got your address right here! I'm IMing you from my cell phone!
SierraStarlit: You got a cell?
AutumnWind12: Yeah! My mom just got it for me a few days ago! I'm really excited. Plus you know how my friend Jamison lives at my house now, so she said I get my own phone as a "thanks for finding Jamison" treat. Haha she's interesting ...
SierraStarlit: Wild! You can IM on there?
AutumnWind12: Yep, sure can! Anyway, I'll let you go check your E-Mail. I'll E-Mail you in a few minutes. I'm gonna take a nap now. I'm pooped out! Missing you already!
SierraStarlit: Yeah, me too! I'll E-Mail you soon, too! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox byebye for now!
AutumnWind12: Hi to Anela! Lovya Sierra! Keep in touch!

Sierra signed off Messenger and began loading her E-Mails. With a happy heart, she realized that she would never lose Autumn could never lose her. Even They would E-Mail, IM and even get together, Sierra felt sure of it. And even if they ewren't physically together, Autumn would always bein Sierra's heart.

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