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Chapter 25: Nequenta's Friend
(by NativeRose, added on 9 June 2004 05:41 AM)

Anela surveyed her class the next morning. She saw Scott wheel into the classroom, a small smile on his face. Next, Isaac and Jenna raced in together. Third, Sierra trudged into class, trying to keep her eyes open. Zacary and Shane followed and quietly went to their desks. Next, she saw Rosalyn bouncing along behind Nequenta's wheelchair, holding the push handles and chattering excitedly.
"How are you today, Nequenta? Want to know something? I like you, you're my best friend!" She hugged Nequenta before she skipped to her desk. This is interesting, Anela thought, I'm glad Rosalyn has found anew friend.
"Miss Anela," Rosalyn said when Anela was helping her with her coloring project.
"How can I talk to Nequenta? She can't talk back to me!" Her lower lip trembled.
"She isn't ignoring you, she just can't speak to you. However, she can use special things to help her talk to you." Anela showed her an alphabet board, a communication book, and a mouthstick with special software on her computer.
"Hi, what's your name?" Rosalyn approached Nequenta.
She took her dynomite out of her bag and pressed buttons on corresponding pictures.
"Nequenta," said a robotic voice.
"She uses that to talk to people too," Anela said.
"That sounds funny," Rosalyn laughed.
"But I'm glad she can talk to me!" She hugged Nequenta, and grabbed the blue crayon to finish her picture, for Nequenta, she told her teacher.

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