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Chapter 24: Mr. Hyper
(by Caitlin, added on 9 June 2004 02:23 AM)

Isaac started and looked up from his composition as the bell broke into his thoughts.
He looked up to see the students wheeling, shufling, limping and racing for hte door, Anela hugging each tenderly and calling cheerfully, "See you tomorrow!"
Isaac watched as Anela went to each desk, and began to pick up paperwork from each student.
"I want to help," he blurted out, springing from his chair, and helping Anela gather the papers.
"I'd be glad to have your help, Isaac, thank you," Anela said cheerfully.
Just then, Jena came clattering back into the room, her cane whizzing wildly in front of her.
"Let's use our mobility skills, Jenna," Anela said, chuckling, as Jenna's cane upset the trash basket.
"Miss Peterson," Jenna said, "my mommy isnt' here yet."
"Well, why don't you help Isaac and i clean up?" Anela suggested.
"Yeah, come on, Jenna, help me clear up this paint that Rosalin and I accidentally spilled over by the counter," Isaac called from where he stood, armed with an old rag and turpentine.
"Man, you're Mister Hyper today, aren't you?" Jenna said, and went into gales of laughter.
Anela rose from Sierra's desk, where she had been sitting and brushing off the pencil shavings, took Jenna by the hand and let her out the door.
"Jenna, please don't tease Isaac," she said.
"I wasn't, I was just calling him hyper."
"He can't help the way he is."
"I know but--"
"I know you know, sweetie, but he's very sensitive about it. He really tries to calm down."
"I'm sorry," Jenna said, and began to cry.
"I'm sorry, too, Jena," Anela said, hugging her. "I know I was a bit cross with you just now."
"No, it wasn't your fault, I shouldnt' have teased him," Jenna sid, "but I didn't mean to be mean."
"Well, you weren't mean at all, I just wanted to tell you because Isaac sees you as a true friend."
"I think he's my best friend in this class," Jenna confided.
"That's great!" ANela said. "Let's og back in and help him clean up!"

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