Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 14: the dance
(by Jamin Peace, added on 28 May 2004 12:28 AM)

Now that Miss Anela knew all the kids in her class, she needed to create an environment where they felt comfortable with each other. The question was how to do that... She thought and thought, and finally, it came to her, maybe they should have a small classroom dance. She could bring in taped music, and the kids could dance to it, that way, they could get to know each other, and have fun doing it.

Anela was so excited with this idea, she began to make permission slips for the kids to take home to their parents. She attached a sheet so the parents could add a few lines about what kind of music the child liked, and maybe a particular song.

When Nequenta brought her permission slip to her mother, Rose's eyes flashed with an idea.

Rose had grown up in Portland Oregon, her brother Don, was a dj, he was also multiply disabled. Rose thought perhaps, instead of taped music, played out of a tape recorder, Don could bring his equipment, and give them a real show. Besides, maybe Don could inspire the kids and show them what was possible even though they're disabled.

Rose quickly grabbed the phone, and called Miss Anela, to see what she thought of the idea.
"hey, anala, I have a great idea, Naquenta just gave me her permission slip, and well..." she went on to explain her idea to Miss Anela. The teacher was so thrilled by the idea, that she concented to it right there on the phone.

Don got home just in time to race to the phone and pick it up.
"Hello?" Don said breathlessly. "Oh, gosh, Hi rose, how are you? haven't heard from you in quite a while."
"Hi Don, yeah, I'm sorry I haven't called lately, how are you and Bethany?... good good, and lucy and barty? that's good too. Hey listen, I had an idea, Rose has started school and her teacher Miss Anela, wanted to throw the kids a party, so they can get to know each other, she was gonna used taped music, but I thought..."
"Say no more." Don interrupted. "I'll be happy to dj for them."

Rose gave her brother the teacher's phone number so the details could be worked out, she knew that seeing her brother just might inspire the kids, showing them that disability did not mean dependence and being an involid. She was so happy and excited for the kids in the class, she hoped they'd have a good time.

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