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Chapter 13: Good Night, Sleep Tight
(by NativeRose, added on 27 May 2004 11:33 PM)

Jenna tripped over a foot.
"Hey, what was that all about?"
"Sierra fell asleep at her desk about two minutes ago, and her foot ended up to the left of her chair."
"Why is she allowed to sleep in school?"
"She takes lots of medications that make her sleepy. Anela," This last word was directed at the teacher, who had just entered the room with Shane.
"Oh, I'll take Sierra to the next room." She roused Sierra enough so she could walk with her to the adjacent classroom. Sierra looked up, startled.
"Oh no! I fell asleep again. I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again."
"No, you're fine," Anela smiled.
"Miss Grayson always got angry with me when I fell asleep in class, and I tried so hard not to, but...sometimes I just couldn't help it."
"That's understandable. Let's go for a little power nap. That's just fine."

They didn't get that far, however. Sierra collapsed in midsentence. Anela knew what signs to look for in someone with a seizure disorder. Summer walked up behind her.
"Do you want Isaac to...Oh my gosh! Her face is blue!" she shrieked.
"She'll be fine." Anela said calmly, as she rolled Sierra onto her left side. She made sure she wasn't wearing any tight clothing that would restrict breathing when she regained consciousness.
"Summer, I need you to move those chairs and that desk, so she doesn't hurt herself when she moves."
"She's unconscious, but she's going to move? What if she hurts you?"
"No, she can't do that. I'll keep one hand on her back at all times, so I know where she is, but I need to let her move freely. You see, she has a lot of excess energy due to the electrical impulses in her brain, so she needs to release that. She does that through movement during a seizure." The seizure lasted about thirty seconds, but a lot can take place in that amount of time. Sierra stirred, and Anela spoke softly to her.
"Sierra." In response, Sierra started to breathe normally again.
"You'll be just fine. Everything will be all right." She waited another two minutes before she spoke once more.
"Can you tell me your name?"
"How old are you?"
"I don't know....eight...ten..yeah, I'm ten."
"Do you know where you are?"
"You're at school with Miss Anela, your teacher. You just had a seizure."
"Oh. I'm sleepy."
"Do you need to change your pants?"
"Yes." She started to cry, and her face reddened. Anela helped her to her feet, and took her to change.
"No need to feel embarrassed, Sierra. You can't control what happens during a seizure."
"I know, but Miss Grayson always got angry with me when I wet my pants."
"There's no need for that, you can't control what you do during a seizure. No worries." Anela changed Sierra, and took her to a quiet room for a nap. Before she left, Sierra spoke once more.
"Thanks for understanding me, and not laughing at me."
"I have something to share with you, Sierra. Did you know that you're loved, despite your seizure disorder?" Sierra was so overcome with emotion that all she could do was smile before she drifted off to sleep.

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