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Chapter 116: back at school.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 2 March 2009 12:45 AM)

on monday the children arived back in anellas classroom for school.

Okay guys i want you to right down what you did this weekend in your journal."

as the children got to work anella was so happy how they were progressing in her class. kennon and bethany and all the others were becomming really good friends and they were becomming closer every day. robbin had also settled in to anellas class very well by now and although her disabilitie was not as seriaus as every one ellses she was becomming a grate help to every one. after they had finnished their journals heidi came in to teach the music lesson. Dannielle car was the first to spot heidi as she came in the door and started making noises. kennon and the other children smiled to.

"Okay children today we are going to start to try and get this class to form a band because i can see that you all like music a lot and i want to see what we can do so i have brought a selection of instraments with me today for you all to try out."

the children got very exited by this and went over to examin the instraments kennon went to the key board scott started on the drums jenna and bethany sang niquenta was cunducter as she had not inouff strenght in her hands yet to play a instrament. seeara also did not play as she could not concentrate that long. rosalin also sang. dannielle was lead singer adam decided to have a go at the base gitar and jordan and brandon got gitars to. rayment went on the other spare keyboard with kennon and heidi went on the main pianno. robbin already had her own flute with her so did not need a instrament. as heidi went round teaching every one the basics of their instraments anella was shocked to see how all the children where managing conciddering their disabilities. shayne was the only one who did not have anything to do when heidi noticed she went over to shayne and led him to the pianno stool with her. when heidi had taught them all how to use their instraments she got them all to play a song it was their favourate himm and with all the instraments involved anella could not beleave how butiful it sounded and how well all the children where picking up the instrament quickly.

when the session was over the children went to break. after resess they all came back in and anella started reading lessons with robbin and chelsy while the other children did things to sute their level. when school finnished heidi was waiting to take bethany scott and kennon home as she was going to the rosses to to help care for the children as jamason and brandon were at a meating with the local church so she waas helpign amy and coreen look after the other children.

kennon who was tired went streight for a nap but the others could not beleave what they had acoumlished. coreen and amy were proud when they were told about the idear for a band.

when the children went to bed that night they were full of happyness.

mean while anella was out having dinner with kyle smith. kyle was happy with how things were going with scott and the roses but the problem was kyle refused to have contact with him and every time some one tried to get him to visit with scott he would not and anella was quickly running out of hope for kyle.

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