Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 115: The Arms of Dawn
(by NativeRose, added on 29 March 2008 01:14 AM)

Ebony, Corrine, Rose, Amy and Heidi met at Corrine's house for a Bible study. Their children, Shane, Bethany, Scott, Nequenta and Kennan respectively, played in the Rose family's yard. The women were thankful that Jamison and Brandon had agreed to care for the children during their Bible study. The women waited for Hannah, the speech therapist; Janell, the physical therapist; Emily, the intake worker and Candice, the psychologist. All of the women decided that a play group outside of school would be beneficial for their young charges, and they took advantage of these times to study God's Word together. They decided they would alternate with the fathers of these children so they could grow together in this special way. When the school staff learned of this arrangement, they expressed interest and the plan came into fruition. After they had all gathered, Corrine asked Amy to help her finish preparing food for the occasion. The therapists talked, and Shane and Nequenta's mothers, Ebony and Rose respectively, also began a conversation. They didn't exclude Heidi; actually, they all invited her to join in their conversations. However, she was perfectly content to watch the children at play. In fact, she was much more comfortable sitting at a window watching them than making conversation with these various professionals. She still felt so new at her job; she was a novice compared to these other women. They had had infinitely more experience in dealing with children with disabilities, and they were all just wonderful with their charges. Her thoughts turned as she watched Kennan in animated conversation with Shane. She remembered what things had been like for Kennan in the beginning. He was secluded and sullen. He was depressed and didn't socialize at all. Now he was talking in excited fashion, with just as much enthusiasm as his peers. They certainly wouldn't judge him; after all, they all had challenges. They had all accepted Kennan and, in the process, had helped to renew Heidi's own faith in God. Both Kennan and Heidi had been living in darkness. Although it was darkness of a different kind for each of them, it was still pervasive, reaching into every aspect of their lives. Then, light illuminated life and made it all worth living. That light came in the form of these godly men and women and their children, who loved more completely than most. Heidi felt like she was emerging into a new day. She was learning that she could stand on her own, and with the increase in self-confidence came the desire to reach out. Kennan was learning that people loved him, and perhaps that was more important than learning speech, daily living skills and range of motion all combined. The arms of dawn reached into darkened lives and pulled them into the light so they could breathe, live and love as Jesus.

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