Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 114: starting.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 4 December 2007 10:51 AM)

the next day the hard work with kennon and heidi started. first heidi was shown how to put kennon in to the wheel chair van and strap him in. then they went to the school to see kandus and janell. kennon was taken to janell's office.

"Okay kennon this is going to b hard work as you have only just learnd how to eat and swollow for your self so we need to see how you cope with all this new stuff." janell then started making sounds and letting kennon feel the shape of her mouth. to her amazement kennon started to pick it up really quickly and by the end of the session he could make every sound perfectly with out any help. Then they took kennon to rose anderson nequenta's mom who was a mobility officer at the school. she taught kennon how to use a kane and she also explaind to him about echo location. kennon started wizzing round the school enjoying his new found independance. rose could only just keep up with him. when she had taught him the lay out of the school he was then asked to find certon rooms in the school. he did this with a few mistakes but very well. at the end of the lesson it was time for kennon to go and get heidi to give him his lunch. with rose following him he wized down the corredoors and heard fomillior voices it was bethany and scott they wheir going to heidi's office to as janell had asked them to go and get something from her before they went to lunch. suddenly kennon heard them laughing and made the oo sound janell had taught him earlyer in the day. scott and bethany stopped they wheir amazed to see kennon comming toords them with a kane in his hand. "Wait for kennon." rose shouted so they waited. when kennon caught up with them they carried on to heidi's office kennon leading the way. heidi was stood outside her office just about to lock the door to go to get kennon for lunch when she saw a boy race toords her in a wheel chair using a kane infront of him. she could not see who it was as she had her back to him. "Stop!" she said. janell thencame round the corner with rose and candus and anella, they all said hi to heidi as they passed but wheir blocked by the boy in the wheel chair racing down the coridoor. on heidi's second stop command the boy came to a holt. heidi could see that it was kennon and sme smiled. "Gosh kennon you are learning quick." said rose. "scott and bethany are only just turning the last corner." kennon smiled then he faced heidi with an effort as he had only just learnd it he opend his mouth and said the words lunch please. every one was amazed even janell as she had only taught him basic sounds. was it possable that kennon had the words in his brain the whole time but just did not know the teckneek to speak. it was soon to be confermd when kennon opend his mouth again and very slowly said. "I am kennon ross and i am eight years old." he had took a breath between each word but every one was amazed by kennon's quickness of learning. heidi then put her hands on the wheel chair handols and closed her eyes. "Okay kennon, guide miss heidi to lunch." she said. rose then put a blind fold on heidi so she could not cheet and kennon with a couple of rong turnings guided her to the canteen. after lunch they all went home as the school was on a half day holiday that day because their was a problem with the water. when they got home kennon kept practising the bits of speach he had learnd till he had perfected them. he then went down and shown his new skills to coreen and jamason. they knew that they wheir doing the write thing with kennon and heidi was also learning quickly to. by the end of the first month kennon's speach was immprooved to the extent that he could hold a small conversation. heidi wasalso learning to care for kennon properly and by the end of the month kennon and heidi wheir hardly ever wanting to be apart

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