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Chapter 113: dreams new job.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 28 November 2007 04:37 PM)

next day jane rose maggies guide dog instructer came for dream it was saturday and every one was in the house including heidi as she spent every saturday over at the rosses. correen had put maggie up for the night as heidi had not long moved in and could not have any one staying with her as she had not fully got her house sorted.. jane started by testing maggie's vission just to check that it was deffantly okay and she was found to be sorted. suddenly kennon came through the door wheir all the adults with dream at his heals. he was carrying jane a pressant from maggie because they wheir trying to get kennon to start doing more for him self slowly. as he came to the door he found it was shut and knocked. suddenly dream jumped up at the handle and opend the door for kennon. when kennon came in to the room their was a slight ramp up from the kitchen to the livingroom kennons chair bumpt over the ramp and he droppt the box off his lap. jane went to help him. "Leave it, kennon will sort it out." kennon then pointed to the flore and dream picked the box up and put it back on kennons lap. when kennon came to jane with the presant he took dream by the coller pointed his head at the pressant then at jane. dream took the pressant over and dropped it on janes lap then went to sit by kennon. since the ball incedent kennon and dream had become inseprable and had spend all night together.

"Listen jane, we have been trying to find a way for kennon to become more independant at getting around out side so he does not have to be pushed all the time when his chair is electric but as he is blind he can't see wheir he is going. i know he is a bit young and you are not supposed to have a dog till you are 16but dream seems to be a natural service dog and with a bit of retraining i feeling that he could be a combined service dog and guide dog for kennon. i know kennon is only eight but they just seem so natural together." said heidi. correen jamason and maggie smiled at her. heidi had been a revalation since she had come in to their lives. "Well let me send him to the local school for service and guide dogs and we will see what we can do."

"Hang on i want kennon to have a say." said heidi. heidi then went over to kennon and bent down by his side patting the dog as she did so. she then explaind to kennon what sh had just said in simpoler languidge so that he would understand and shown him the harniss to refresh his memory. kennon smiled and did his sign for yes. jane then took dream off to the local school. a month later jane rang back to say that dream could be trained and when he was he would be kennon's. "Kennon needs to learn to talk like you heidi." said kennon as he held her hand. they decided that all other things would be put on hold they had to start on kennons mobility and speach streight away. jane had said because dream was a natural it would only take two months to get him ready. then kennon would have to go to the school to train with him. she said that because of kennons needs some one had to come along with him. to every one's amazement correen shook her head when she was sujested suggested. She explaind that she had two muchon and that because of bethanies reesent trouble with mr simons she wanted to stay with bethany. she suggested that heidi should go with him and it was agreed. for the next two months heidi and kennon would not do their normal jobs and school work because heidi had to be traind to look after kennon properly and they had to start working on kennon's speach and mobility so that he would be a bit more confedent while he was at the school. the whole family wheir looking foward to this new chapter and kennon was also looking foward to it two. he wanted to learn to talk and he would be able to wheel him self round with scott and bethany such as go to the shop if he had dream. kennon and the other's went to bed that night full of joy and happyness and heidi was asked to move in with the rosses for the time till kennon finnished training with dream so she could be kennons primory care giver and maggie was given the keys to heidi's and was going to keep it in order for her and sort her stuff out. heidi was put in kennon's room with him as it had two beds in it so that she would be theri for him at all times. heidi looked foward to the chance to proove she was cut out for the job and kennon wanted to proove to people that he could be something. the family wheir going to be supprised at heidi and kennon as things wheir going to be better than expected. heidi was to proove to the rosses just how write they wheir to give her a chance and kennon would exede every one's expectations. people wheir going to notice a diffrence in kennon and heidi from now on and it was going to be for the better.

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