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Chapter 112: dannielle.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 28 November 2007 03:37 PM)

next morning when they got to school scott and bethany wheir given a note to give to anella. sarah read it to her. "Okay sarah i know about this brandon is looking after kennon for correen while she is working and heidi is working to. suddenly the door opend and a girl of about seven came in to the room she just looked around blankly at the walls. "Ho grate another student, hello." said raymand. the girls mother hellon car spoke to annella. "This is my daughter dannielle she is surveyaly autistick none verble and she does not understand anything." anella knodded at hellon and explaind that they would do their best with her. suddenly heidi came in to the room. "Hi anella i have come for dannielle car. she is my first proper case and i have been told i am to start with her streight away. anella smiled at the young woman and told dannielle to go with heidi. danielle did not respond so heidi went over and took her by the hand. when they got to heidi's office heidi started introducing her to diffrent toys but dannielle just through each one across the room then heidi read her a storrie. suddenly dannielle saw a picture of a boy playing the pianno. suddenly she started waving her hands around and opend her mouth. she then made a noise and pointed to the picture of the pianno. "You like music dannielle." said heidi. dannielle did not respond heidi then decided to try and test her with some music theripy. heidi then played a himm as soon as she heard it dannielle looked up then she opend her mouth. she started to sing the words of the himm. heidi could not beleeve it this girl could not talk but she could sing. as soon as the song finnished dannielle went and sat on heidi's lap. heidi then tried to get dannielle to learn some sounds and letters but dannielle could not grasp the letters. when the session had finnished heidi went back with dannielle to anella's class as they wheir due for their music lesson. when they got their heidi instructed them to sit in a circle and then she started to explain that they wheir going to learn a new song today and that they wheir all going to have designated parts to it. when heidi got them all set up with their parts she made them all go and practis it on their own when it came to the performing of the song. heidi said "I need my lead singer at the front." to every one's supprise heidi led dannielle out. dannielle's mother who was staying for her first day to help annella out with her dauter was shocked. when heidi started to play the song dannielle started to sing. her mother like every one ellse had not known about this and was shocked. when the song finnished every one clapped and all the children had enjoyed it emensaly. "Heidi what's going on?" said annella. heidi explaind that people with autisam offen had something they wheir good at but it was offen hidden. dannielle's mother who was shocked then asked. "How long do you think she has had this tallent?" heidi then explaind that dannielle had probly had it for ages but did not know how to use it properly. they then got a spare computer out of the draw and started teaching dannielle and her mother how to use it. dannielle was a quick learner and picked it up streight away.

her first words she rote on her own was "I love you mommy." hellon was over joid finnaly their would be hope for dannielle. suddenly the door opend and a blind woman came in with a guide dog. "Excuse me, sorry to interupt but i am looking for anella peterson and heidi boldwin i was told you wheir in here." the two wimin confermd who they wheir. "Maggie! i must be seeing things." said heidi. the woman smiled and heidi rushed over and hugged her. anella who had also recognised maggie went and gave her a hugg. "This is my sister, i don't beleave it!". said heidi. maggie was the youngest and had left when hannah died. she had turned in to a alcohollic and had been blinded comming home from the pub drunk one knight. anella had known maggie because they had met when maggie had just finnished and had got on ever since. maggie then came in to the room and heidi and anella introduced her to all the aids. maggie who was only 22 was amazed on hering the students and how they got on. heidi who was only three years older than maggie had always been close to her and maggie turning to drink the way she had was part of the reason for heidi wanting to streighten her self out. maggie then explaind that she was back because she had got counseling and had got a job as a seckraterry at the offices across the road from the school. at the end of the day all the children went home and bethany and scott could not wait to tell coreen what had happend that day. when they got home they found heidi and maggie at the house. kennon and correen wheir sitting on the chair and correen was explaining to kennon about the dog. suddenly kennon started to smile as soon as scott and bethany came in. "This is dream. we are best friends now." he said as he stroked the dog. then he felt the harniss on the flore next to the couch. he picked it up and heidi came and sat next to him. "Dream is a spetial dog kennon," she said "Anty maggie is blind like you and dream is her eyes." heidi then touched kennons eyes with his hands so he would understand. kennon then started asking questions about the dog. "Write, it's time for you to have some fresh air now kennon." said coreen kennon smiled and they all went out in the garden. they started playing ball heidi helping kennon as she usually did and maggie was talking to correen. suddenly kennon missed the ball and it fell on to the flore. heidi had left him for a second to make a call and when she came back she found kennon crying. "Kennon missed." he said. "It's okay kennon i am sorry i had to call scotts daddy kyle as we have not had time to catch up yet since he has been back as scotts real mommy was mine and maggies sister. " suddenly before heidi could pick the ball up dream ran over picked the ball up and droppt it in to kennons lap. when heidi explaind it to maggie maggie was shocked. suddenly she walked over to heidi with out coreen's arm. she was tremboling and looking round at everything. with a pannict look on her face. "Maggie what's up." said heidi. "I can see i think i can see. are they blue jeans you are whereing?" heidi knodded "It has been like this for a while but some days re better than others, but it is getting better every day for me." i brought dream to see the kids because i have to give him back tommorrow. kennon started to cry which left heidi with an idear

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