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Chapter 111: Ordinary Healing
(by NativeRose, added on 26 November 2007 01:54 AM)

When Heidi, Corrine returned home, they found Rose, Nequenta's mom, waiting for them. She explained that she brought the ointment for Kennan, and she knew he would need it right away.
"Kennan!" Beth walked to him as quickly as she could. She was confused when Corrine said, "be extra careful."
"Why, Mommy?"
"You know what happens to you when you get cold."
"Yeah, I have boo-boos in my muscles, and they do things I don't like."
"Yeah, those are called spasms. Kennan gets those when he's cold, too."
"Well, you give me a bath and then help me put warm jammies on. Kennan can nborrow my jammies. Why is he cold? It's warm, and we can wear shorts today."
"Well, he went to a place where they didn't treat Kennan the way Jesus would. However, we're going to make that all better."
The mothers exchanged glances as Bethany and Scott chattered excitedly, and Corrine could tell that Amy had an idea.
"Beth, would you like to spend the evening with us?"
"Okay," she said.
"I'm making your favorite meal tonight."
Yay!" Thank God for Amy, Corrine thought. She must have known Corrine would need to spend some extra time with Kennan; it would be easier for Bethany to play with Scott. Besides, they always enjoyed their time together, and Amy didn't have a problem with it at all.

Corrine put Kennan in the bathtub, and she chose to use baby bath for two reasons: the aromatherapy would help him to relax, and the formula wouldn't irritate his skin with the severe rash. She systematically moved his arms and legs; the water and manual exercises would help soothe sore muscles. She chose to put flannel pajamas on Kennan, as they would keep him warm. Kennan was already half asleep when she finished helping him dress, but he needed to eat. As if reading her mind, Kennan began to cry again.
"We'll put some food in your tummy." She gave him a small portion of pureed food so he would have something in his stomach before his nap, but she didn't want to give him too much food. He had just endured a great trauma, and his body wouldn't respond well to many stimuli, including food. It would take him longer to recover, so he probably would not attend school the next day. Apparently, Brandon had the same thought, because he arranged to stay with Kennan while Corrine went to work. The next day would be difficult, but Kennan would be able to interact with Brandon more than usual, since Heidi would be at the school, and Corrine would be at the bank where she worked part time. Kennan and Brandon would enjoy a different type of playtime, and Brandon was just as sensetive to Kennan's needs as Corrine and Heidi were. Kennan was already asleep and, though he had not smiled throughout the whole thing, he did stop crying when Corrine put him in the water to "play." That was a good thing; Kennan needed some physical comfort after his grueling ordeal at that nightmarish place. It did Corrine's heart good to see the change in his countenance; she had felt completely out of control when he was being held at the JDC. That nightmare was over, and Kennan was finally back where he belonged.

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