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Chapter 110: Startling Discoveries
(by NativeRose, added on 24 November 2007 11:25 PM)

Corrine and Heidi raced into Candice's office, mindless of the fact that a student was working with her. Janell's office was right across the hall fromCandice. She knew these women needed Candice to help; something was terribly wrong. Janell pushed Andrea out of the office with
much reassurance that she could have some extra play time with Candice the next time she had therapy.

"So you know what has happened with Kennan?" Heidi asked Candice.
"They took him to the juvinile detention center, and they aren't helping with any of his basic needs! They told us that, based on his crime, he might be
in for life. Of course, they would transfer him to a state prison at age eighteen. They don't believe he has real developmental delays. They keep telling
us that he won't eat, talk or go to the bathroom. Apparently he cries and screams all the time, and they think it's annoying. They said that if this happens
all night, they're going to put him in solitary confinement!" Corrine's words poured forth in a disorganized fashion, but Candice understood.
"Okay, who is handling Kennan's case?"
"A Daniel...Erickson."
"Okay, if they haven't been feeding or changing him, I'm sure there are some health things going on. Let's ask Emily and Katie to go with us."
When they arrived, Emily and Candice asked to talk with Daniel about Kennan.
"Do you seriously think a boy who just learned what a leaf is purposely carried out a murder plot?" Emily asked.
"His fingerprints are all over the gun, Miss James."
"I want to see him!" Corrine said.
"I can't let you do that. If we see improvement, if he starts talking to us, we might be able to give him visitation priveleges. He has chosen not to answer
questions, and he's not cooperating in any way whatsoever. He won't talk, eat or even go to the bathroom on his own, and I think this is rebellion; therefore,
he does not deserve such incentives he hasn't earned."
"Kennan is physically unable to do those things! You took his computer so he couldn't talk to you? How long has he been in the same diaper, and has he eaten
anything?" Corrine disintegrated into sobs, and Emily took over.
"This is neglect and abuse, and that can not continue. You can be sure that the proper authorities will be notified. I can garuntee that inspection will
reveal damaging things about this facility and staff. Now, we absolutely must see Kennan! You are putting him at great risk of more medical problems."
"I'll discuss it with my superiors and I'll get back to you."
"Please do that immediately. May we wait here for you?" Daniel nodded with an exasperated sigh. The sooner he could get this pushy freak out of his office,
the better. What did she know about dealing with rebellious children? After all, this was his field. How could these people tell him Kennan had developmental
When Daniel left, Katie spied Kennan's chart and figured out which room he was in. She found it and looked through the peephole to see someone handling
him quite roughly. Katie knocked on the door and waited for the girl to open it as the plan formed in Katie's mind.
"Hi, Angela." Katie said, imperceptibly looking at the girl's name tag. I'm here to give Kennan his 3:00 meds."
"You're not the regular nurse here."
"No, this is my first day, but I've been doing this for seven years. What are you doing here?"
"Daniel said I need to get him cleaned up. Apparently, some people are here to see him, and he wants to make it clear that this boy was not mistreated.
Still, this is all his fault, as he chooses not to eat, go to the bathroom, talk, so I don't understand why I have to clean him up. He should have to wait
for his first hosing down. I'll do what Daniel says, though."
"Okay, I'll handle this, and you can go back to your post."
"But it's my job...although I think it's disgusting."
"I won't be grossed out by it; I've worked with a lot of people who can't do this stuff on their own."
"But I'm certain that he can. He's just lazy and rebellious, but it won't get him anywhere. And he's too darn noisy. Instead of talking, he just screams
and cries all the time."
"Well, maybe we'll have to have a little chat about that when I give him his meds. I'll work on figuring him out. Now you can go, and thanks for your help."
Katie wished the girl would just leave, and she breathed a sigh of relief when the girl finally did so.
"Okay, let's see what's going on here." Her eyes traveled from Kennan's cold feet to his eyes, so full of fear. Of course Kennan cried all the time! Before
she went further, she called Emily and Candice and explained what she saw. They couldn't keep Corrine and Heidi from running all the way to Kennan's room.
All three entered the room, ready for action.
"Corrine, do you have any diapers with you?"
"they're usually in Kennan's...where is his wheelchair?"
"We'll track it down--"
"Yeah, I have some diapers with me. Oh gosh, Katie, that water is freezing!"
"Yeah, and it looks really dirty."
"Yeah, Kennan's body is cold...it's like they put him in a refrigerator. Can you hand me that blanket?" Heidi took the basin from Corrine, who grabbed the
"Oh, this is soiled. Is this what has been touching Kennan's skin?" As Heidi went toward the door, an unfamiliar lady flung it open.
"I told you to wait in my office! Where's Angela?" Daniel raged.
"I told her that I'd handle bathing Kennan," Katie began softly. "because she was certainly not caring for him in a gentle manner."
"Just where do you think you're going, lady?" he asked Heidi.
"This water is disgusting, and it's freezing! It's certainly not going to enhance Kennan's health. You know, you all complain about how he cries all the
time; consider what you do with him!"
"Who are you?" Candice asked the unfamiliar lady after Heidi left.
"I'm Karen, Daniel's supervisor."
"Now you can see that we're not just making this up! Karen, how would you feel if this was your own child?"
"My point exactly, and you two don't understand why we're upset?" Corrine asked. Candice and Katie massaged several parts of Kennan's body to get the blood
flowing again.
"We're going to need some clean cloths." Heidi said, as she handed Corrine the basin with clean, warm water.
"No," Daniel said.
"Have you no decency?" Candice asked.
"Daniel," Karen said calmly, "that will be quite enough. I'll handle this."
Before Daniel left, he gave each person a thunderous look. However, he watched everything that happened in that room. As soon as Karen left to get clean
cloths, he returned. Corrine and Katie were rolling him over so they could cleanse the necessary areas thoroughly. They would also need to keep him in
that position to put the diaper on. As they rolled him onto his side, they found that he had been lying in a puddle of his own excrement. The diaper rash
had spread to his back and thighs since they were in constant contact with body fluids.
"Where is his wheelchair?" Corrine asked, her voice and face filled with anger.
"Beats me," Daniel said in a careless tone.
"How can you do this to a person, especially a child who doesn't have a choice? It's like you're taking advantage of his disabilities." Karen must have
stopped along the way, for she had not returned with a cloth. When she did return, the expression on her face was inscrutible.
"So Daniel," she said, with deadly calm, "I think I know why you are treating this child so harshly. I just discovered what happened, though it took us
a long time to put it together, because all of your drug tests show you're clean. You were Gabe's drug supplier, even on the night he died. I
found a notation about Kennan. Gabe knew that bright lights would cause Kennan to have a seizure, so he chose to shine a penlight in Kennan's eyes. Thus,
when the child was exploring the gun, he experienced some muscle spasms right before he had the seizure. The spasms in his hand caused him to pull the
trigger. You were the supplier for him that night, and he told you what he intended to do with Heidi and Kennan. You suggested that Gabe give Kennan lethal
doses, and you two wanted to get Heidi hooked again for your own gain!" As Karen explained this, Corrine and Katie cleaned Kennan up as much as
they could. Corrine fished for a clean diaper, and she always kept clean clothes on hand.
"I wish I had something warmer," she said quietly, "we'll put him in pajamas as soon as we get home." Karen was asked to find Kennan's wheelchair, and she
helped them prepare to take Kennan home. As they did this, Candice called anela.
"Hey, would you ask Nequenta's mom or Scott's dad if we can use a wheelchair van? We are taking Kennan home, and we won't make him go through
the process of transferring from his wheelchair into a car."
"You called at the perfect time; both parents are here right now."
"Ask if Nequenta's mom has diaper ointment. I'll need to get some, but I don't want Kennan to sit in his wheelchair in a vehicle for longer than necessary.
Karen," she said after she gave Candice the message, "can we get a blanket for him to use while we wait for the wheelchair van? I'll make sure you get
it back before we leave." She left to get a blanket, but Candice needed Corrine's attention again. Thus, when Karen returned with the blanket, she
handed it to Heidi, who tucked it around the small figure.
"He's freezing! she said to Katie. She pushed him toward a lobby to wait for his road home.

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