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Chapter 11: A Different Kind of Sight
(by NativeRose, added on 27 May 2004 10:40 PM)

Jenna ran into the classroom after recess.
"Anela! Guess what! Scott and I went to the swings during recess! Summer helped put Scott in the adaptabable one so we could play together!"
"You mean, the accessible swing?"
"Yeah, that one!" She danced around the room, waving her cane.
"You know your cane is not a toy. It could very easily hurt someone."
"Yeah, you're right. So...do you use a cane like me?"
"Yes. Have you been blind all your life?"
"Yeah, yeah. I have something called retrolental fibroplasia. I think that's what my mom called it."
"Actually, it's called ROP. I have it, too."
"Oh, yeah, and my mom said I have something called nystagmus." She enunciated the word slowly and carefully to be sure she said it correctly.
"Have you started learning Braille?"
"Yeah. I'm reading grade II."
"Do you know all the contractions?"
"Yeah! I'm going to go talk to Nequenta." She raced toward Nequenta's wheelchair. She gently touched her hand.
"Hi, Nequenta. How are you doing today? Hey, can you talk? Oh, I guess not. Well, anyway, how old are you? Are you having fun on your first day of school? What color shirt are you wearing today?" Anela smiled as the child chattered on, not aware that Nequenta couldn't speak to her in return. She wondered if Jenna knew Nequenta had her very own unique language.

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