Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 99: robbin's exclugen.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 21 November 2007 11:16 AM)

when they got to the principalls office mrs chanda listend to anela's storrie and then asked robbin why she did it. robbin lashed out at the principall and started throwing things round the office. the principall said.

"I do not think this girl should be in the school i think we are going to have to exclud her." suddenly the principalls office door opend. candis came in with heidi in tow.

"Ho sorry, did not know you wheir in a meating." the principall nodded and signalled to candus to continue.

"I have heidi boldwin with me she is the student therapist who is going to be working with me while she does her studies they have put me as her mentaur." the prinsipall smiled at heidi. "Ho yes i remember now, hope you enjoy your first day, if you need anything come to the office." heidi then spotted anella holding the struggling robbin in the chair. "Hi annella, how are you?" anella recognised heidi's voice and smiled over at her.

"Okay thanks heidi, just having difficulty with a student." suddenly candus saw robbin.

"Robbin aims raymands sister." the principall decided to tell candus about the exclussion. candus told the prinsipall that she would talk to robbin. "Okay then, give it a try, mean while miss boldwin can go and help anella jane and anna while you are with robbin it will give her more experiance, if annella is okay with that of course." anella beamd. and nodded.

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