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Chapter 96: the day at the park.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 20 November 2007 08:42 AM)

when they got to the park they all went to their faverate place in the park the field. today coreen and jamason had brought a ball with them they took the children to the place wheir the basguit ball court was to their suprise scott amy brandon rose and niquenta wheir their. even kyle scotts real father and anella peterson wheir their. when they saw the basguitball corts the children wheir really exited. to their supprise they had one extra wheel chair for bethany. also their was raymand who had just started in anella's class.

"How can we play this? we can't walk half of us." said scott.

"Well their is a wheel chair verssion of it, we decided we want to teach you five to play and maybey get a school team started. we think it is time we got you all involved in sports so you can see the joy of sports." said anella.

suddenly to every one's supprize Kennon spoke. "I sho, mommy rachel showd kennon before she had to give me to my horrable mommy."

"Kennon, you telling us you have done this before." said jamason. kennon knodded infuseyasticly. kennon did not have an electric wheel chair needed some one to push him. brandon and jamason who had played basguit ball at college wheir going to coach.

"Okay kennon, sho us." said jamason. Suddenly kennon senced a pressants by his side, as he put his hand out he found heidi's hand in his.

"Good, kennon needs pushing." as he said this he scweezed heidi's hand. Heidi who knew a little about basguit ball agreed. to every one's amazement when kennon was given the ball, he started getting exited. heidi was pushing him round the court kennon was bouncing the ball when he heard the bleep of the hoop. "Okay kennon." said jamason as soon as kennon heard the hoop's sound he signolled with his arms wheir the hoop was. although heidi could see wheir it was it was up to kennon to be able to recognize wheir it was. when he got closer to the hoop he suddenly signolled the stop sign. they wheir shocked because it was on the free point line. to every one's amazement kennon seemed to know this suddenly before any one could objeckt kennon bounced the ball once and through it toords the hoop. to every one's amazement it went in. every one was shocked they had found something kennon could really do. jamason then got an electrick wheel chair from the van that they had kept for kennon for when he got better with his mobility. now he senced kennon would need it. when kennon heard the noise he said with a cry.

"Cool wheel chair like scott's and iquentas and bethany's and raymands. is kennons?" he asked.

"Lets see how you handol it first kennon." said jamason. jamason transferd kennon in to the wheelchair and left heidi to sho him how it worked. his computer was put in the tray on the frount of his wheel chair so it was in easy reach of him. kennon quickly learned the controles of the chair and started to smile with aparront happyness on his face.

"Kennon move him self now." kennon said then he opend his mouth and made his first sound, it was a wooping sound. after letting kennon wheel him self round the cort jamason then sat in kennon's manual wheel chair and through the ball toords kennon as soon as he heard the bounce of the ball kennon wheeld him self to it and picked it up then he stayed still.

"Hang on why is he not driboling the ball like the ones on tv do." said scott.

"Well" said brandon "In wheel chair basguit ball you all move round the cort but the player with the ball stay's still like kennon is doing, the player then has to decide if they can shoot from wheir they are or weather they can pass, also the ball has sounds in it whih you can here and it also has a bleep on the hoop which you can here so you know wheir the hoop is. the two hoops both have diffrent sounds then both teams know which one to shoot at." kennon allready knew this and listend to the hoop.

"Daddy jamason". kennon said

"Here kennon over here now." on hering jamason's voice kennon through the ball to him then moved round the court and they kept throwing the ball to eachother. suddenly when jamason through one ball to kennon he put it in the hoop. all the other children wanted a go so all the children wheeld them selves on to the pitch jamason and brandon stood behind the two hoops and heidi stood at the side watching with amazement as the children all started to get the hang of it little by little. every one was amazed by how good kennon was and a new respect grew for them all. suddenly jamason got another set of wheel chairs out of the van that the mobility shop had hired them for the day to transport all the chairs which the man from the shop was driving.

"Okay, children againsed adults." said jamason.

"Bring it on." said kennon. niquenta who could not play sat at the side with heidi kyle and annella who wheir not playing ither. when the game started it was feris and suddenly jamason told heidi to bring nequenta on to the court. nequenta woopt with joy and heidi helped nequenta get her button in to possission so she could monover it with her chin. scott momanterraly forgot that nequenta could not use her hands and through the ball toords her. to every ones amazement nequenta caught the ball.

"I for got to tell you" rose said animated, "nequenta moved her hands last night. i am wundering weather she is as paralized as the doctor made us think as her hands have been making movements their selves. she told me she was able to move them for a while." suddenly nequenta grabbed the hand controles on the chair and to every ones amazement started wheeling her self round. it was difficult as her hands where not strong yet. So the game continued with nequenta play with scott raymand bethany and kennon. by the end of the game. brandon anounced that he was sure this would work. heidi who had played for nequenta when nequenta had got two tired had also enjoyed it and was amazed by kennon and how good he was. when they all got home kennon went back in to his withdrawn state. heidi who noticed this asked kennon what was rong. kennon did not answer he just went to bethony and hugged her. to his amazement she hugged him back. they smiled at eachother.

"I love you kennon." said bethany. kennon just shrugged and wheeled him self away as they could not get kennon out of the new chair. when heidi was about to leave kennon burst in to teers.

"I will be back tommorrow kennon, i don't start school till next week." kennon smiled and as heidi went she was filled with thoughts of this new lease on life they had all been given

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