Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 94: The Promise
(by NativeRose, added on 18 November 2007 05:50 PM)

When everyone was finished eating, they remained in the dining room for an important conversation. Heidi took a deep breath and began to explain.
"This afternoon when you all were playing at Scott's house, Miss Rose came to help me with something. We found a house close to your school, and that's where I'm going to live. Even though I'm not going to live here anymore, I'll come over to play a lot."
"No!" Bethany said, her eyes filling.
"I'll come over here a lot, and we can still read stories and play together, Beth."
"You will? You'll come back?"
"Of course I will. Miss Rose is also going to help me go back to school. You all know Miss Candice at school?"
"Yeah!" The four shouted, using the various means of communication.
"I am going back to school, so I can be a therapist like her. You know how she plays with and talks to you so she can learn about your feelings? I'm going to do the same thing, but I will also use music therapy. I'm moving to the new house tomorrow, but I will come back very soon. I'll come over on the weekends since I have school, just like you do."

That night, Heidi read two stories to Kennan and Bethany. As always, they listened intently, but they seemed more focussed than usual. Heidi knew she would remember each detail and relegate the whole thing to a permanent, safe place in her mind.

When Scott, Bethany and Kennan came home from school the next day, they found Heidi there to meet them. This was yet another building block in the foundation of trust.

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