Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 89: Firm Ground
(by NativeRose, added on 16 November 2007 05:36 PM)

Corrine suddenly rxealized that Heidi looked flushed and completely exhausted. Didn't she say something about how she thought she was getting sick?
"What's wrong, Heidi?" she asked, the concern evident in her voice.
"I...I don't know what's wrong." It was clear that Heidi was afraid. I'm sure I'll be fine..."
"No! You have a fever; let's get you to bed!" Heidi would never admit it, but she was grateful for Corrine's support, for as she stood, she was dizzy and wobbly. As she was safely tucked into bed, she realized this family could bring healing to her. She already felt like she was wanted, and Corrine was like the mother she never had.

Corrine stood back, looking at the young woman with concern. What was wrong? She hoped it was the flu or a cold, and not something more serious. This family would care for Heidi for as long as she needed it. She was special, a treasure to God, and if they could help her physically, her heart might continue to soften toward God. Corrine turned around when she heard a noise behind her. Bethany was standing in the doorway, precariously balancing a cup. Corrine went to help her open the door entirely. Bethany went to Heidi and reached out to her. "Mommy always says that juice helps to make you feel better, so I asked Daddy to get some for you." Heidi did not open her eyes, but she did smile at Bethany. Bethany could see her facial expression because of her close proximity to Heidi. "I'll ask Jesus to make you better soon!" As Bethany left, Corrine realized that this child would be instrumental in helping Heidi draw closer to God. Whether Heidi realized it or not, but God sent her at exactly the right time. Kennan needed a lot of extra attention, and she wondered if Bethany would be jealous. Bethany wasn't that sort, but she, too, desperately needed to know she was loved just as much as Kennan. Heidi and Bethany developed a strong connection from the beginning. Corrine was grateful for that. Although Heidi wasn't sure how to work with Kennan, that was all right. Most people approached that interaction with trepidation. Kennan needed to work on learning he could trust his new mom and dad first, and then others could reach in. Heidi would surely begin to feel more comfortable with Kennan as time progressed. Corrine didn't think it had anything to do with favoritism, so she didn't worry about the attention Bethany was receiving. She was sure Heidi wasn't just ignoring Kennan, for her interactions with him were honest reflections of what she felt. She would just need time, and this would greatly help Jamison and Corrine help Kennan become comfortable with his new environment. Lord, she prayed, thank you for giving us an amazing circle of people with outstretched arms, ready to embrace everyone in their lives.

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