Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 81: A Genesis
(by NativeRose, added on 13 November 2007 11:50 PM)

As Heidi was driving to the Ross's home, she felt torn. She had scheduled some playtime with Kennan, but she wanted to develop a relationship with Bethany. Jamison wouldn't let Heidi take the children from the home. She could understand the reason for that limitation; Corrine had explained that Bethany and Kennan would probably respond better if they were in a familiar environment, and they felt comfortable with Jamison and Corrine. They had to take baby steps, and Heidi knew it could be several months before they could go anywhere alone. Until then, Jamison and Corrine had to be with them, for Kennan and Bethany's safety and comfort. Maybe she could divide her time between the two children on this day.
When Heidi arrived, apprehension assailed her as she waited for someone to come to the door. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jamison opened the door. Bethany stood behind him, and her little face expressed what Heidi was feeling inside. They were both a little unsure and cautious, but Heidi hoped that would improve with time.
Corrine had prepared a large meal, and it was there waiting when Heidi arrived. When Jamison prayed, he verbalized gratitude for plentiful food, joy in watching their precious gifts (Bethany and Kennan) grow and peace as Heidi and the Ross family explored familial ties. Heidi felt a surge of regret fill her being as she listened to this man talk to God. How she desired to have that relationship with Him again! But could God forgive her? Would he want her back after all these years? She took some comfort in the story of the prodigal son and what Jesus was saying through the parable. She was still hesitant to "boldly" approach the throne of God.

Corrine noticed the lost look on Heidi's face and the pain that filled the younger woman's eyes. How could she help? As she silently prayed, the answer came to her: He would use His servant to speak comfort to her heart and to b a healing agent. However, the most important thing God seemed to impress on Corrine was that she needed to confirm God's desire to welcome Heidi back. She would have to find an activity for the children, as this was extremely important, and playtime had to wait. However, Bethany solved the problem quite effectively, not even knowing that something strange was going on.
"Can I go play with Scott? You're eating and talking, and I'm bored!" Corrine and Jamison gave their consent. Jamison must have seen something on Corrine's face, for he said, "Kennan and I can go play in the pool." Oh, bless you, Corrine thought, even as she prayed for God to give her the words to meet this woman at her point of need.

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