Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 77: heidi's change.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 07:56 AM)

when coreen walked away heidi walked up to kennan and stood behind the chair. Coreen watched heidi walk up to kennon she felt guilty for lying but she wanted to see how heidi interacted with kennon. When kennon heard the footsteps he smiled and put out his arms. To coreens amazement she heard kennon say the word mommy. Heidi had had kennon taken from her at the age of 1 year old just before she had gone in to witness protection. She knew that kennon had suveyer disabilities and would be better off with out her. now how ever gabe kennon and bethany's biolodgicle father was finaly in jail and heidi had put him their thanks to her testamonney he would spend the rest of his days their. after the court case heidi had come streight back home had found out wheir kennon was and after kidnapping him rung the sotial services and told them how kennon was living. They told heidi to keep him with her for a couple of days till they could get to him. after two days of being with kennon she knew that he would be better off with theese other people. The sotial worker who had handled kennan's fostering and adoption accedently let slip to heidi who had bethany and that was when heidi decided that she had to try and get to know both kids. so she had rented a crummy apartment and decided to stay for a few weeks but now after watching coreen and kennan she knew that she wanted to learn how to care for children like kennan and bethany.

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