Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 76: kennons breakthrough.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 07:39 AM)

heidi sat in her old batterd car watching the children at play suddenly she saw kennan come out with corrine and go down the main street. On impulse she decided to follow them as she had enjoyed having kennan with her but had had to admit when he was taken that hse had not known inuff about kennans needs to have him. She got out of her car and followed at a disdance listening to corine telling kennan about what was around him and the way she was so pationt with kennan. She knew then she had to move back here away from the drugs and influential people in her life. she knew that watching corine would fill her with wunder. Suddenly she heard corine speak

"Okay kennon this is a dog, he is a friend of mine who wants to meat you." as she watched heidi became transfixed on coreens speach to kennon. dshe creppt closer so she could see and here properly.
"Mom is behind us, mommy mommy kennon shouted."

As corine looked around heidi came up to them but stood at a respectful dissdance away. When coreen saw that heidi was there she aloud her self a bit of a smile.

"Why does he choo stick?" kennon asked. as coreen explained to kennon the dog came and sat by the wheelchair and to heidi and coreenes amazement kennon put out his hand to the dog. The dog put the stick in to kennons hand and then sat wagging his tail.
"Okay kennon you have to throgh the stick for the dog and he will bring it back for you."

kennon burst in to tears
"Can't do it mommy jean will hit me with her stick and then touch me." kennon was shaking now and coreen and heidi wheir speachless with shock.

"Kennon what do you mean?" kennon opened his mouth and looked tords coreens voice and to her amazement said touch, it was the first verble word that she had heard kennon utter. Suddenly with out worning coreen saw kennon's eyes flash with concentration and he said very slowly but clearly "I want doggy."
"Kennon i thought you could not speak with out your computer?" coreen said kennan then used his computer to explain that he could say a few simple sentances that mommy heidi had taught him before he was taken away. He then explaind to coreen that his mommy had told him that he would be comming to live with new people because she had taken him from mommy jean. Coreen was amazed how much having the dog their was making kennon open up. maybey this was the answer? Heidi then watched kennon lift up the stick with coreen's hand on his and throw it for the dog. The dog who was a golden retreever and belonged to friends of coreens was called reo ran and took the stick back to kennon as kennon got more in to the game he started to smile and ran with the dog using his wheel chair to sence wheir he was going. Reo then sat and rested with his head in kennons lap. kennan patted the dog and coreen told kennon to stay with reo while she went to the little shop across the road

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