Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 75: 'Xplain, Please!
(by NativeRose, added on 11 November 2007 10:57 PM)

As Scott and Bethany played in the sandbox, they began to question Kennan's behavior.
"He always looks so sad!" Bethany lamented.
"Yeah, at first, I didn't think he liked me, but I think he's just scared."
"Of what?"
"Maybe it's like the monsters under his bed." Scott saw his mommy outside his house, and that gave him an idea.
"Maybe my mommy knows; let's go ask her!" Bethany told Jamison where she was going, and then followed Scott to his house.
"Mommy?" he said tentatively.
"Yes, Scott? Hi, Bethany!"
"Why does my mommy do different things with me than she does with Kennan?"
"You know how, when your mommy plays with you in the bathtub, you know that she loves you?"
"Well, Kennan never had parents like yours--"
"Yeah, they were all big, bad meanies!" Scott exclaimed.
"So Kennan doesn't know what it's like for someone to love him. That's why he's so scared. Your mommy has to show him in special ways that she loves him. What kinds of special things does your mom do with you?"
"Mommy always pushes me in the chair swing, and we have picnics, and she always reads to me. She lets me sit on her lap."
"And that makes you feel special, right?"
"Yeah! And...and Daddy painted my walker today!" Beth said excitedly.
"Well, they have to do things that make Kennan know he's special, too."
"Oh, I get it!" And the children were off again, but this time, they played in Scott's yard.

Back at the Ross home, Jamison encouraged Corrine to take a nap, since the house was quiet.
"You need your rest, too, Corrine. Don't forget to take care of yourself." She was more grateful than she would admit.
"I have to put Kennan down for a nap."
"I'll do that. Get some rest while you can."
" Hey, Kennan, are you ready to sleep?" Kennan yawned, and his movements became slower and more shaky. There's my sign, Jamison thought.
"Before we can do that, we have to clean up. I know it feels yucky when you go potty and when you can't make it all better on your own." Jamison began to explain each step, punctuating key words to help with Kennan's language development: potty, diaper, clean, water, wipe.
"Would you like to read a story before you sleep?" Kennan frowned, then yawned.
"Okay, let's go to your bed." As Jamison tucked the blanket around Kennan's little frame and began to pray for him. It was strange: Kennan seemed to be listening intently as Jamison spoke.
"Jesus, thank You for bringing Kennan to live with us. Help him to get some sleep. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers..."

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