Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 7: Scott's Story
(by NativeRose, added on 11 May 2004 08:36 PM)

Anela walked around her classroom, observing her students' interactions. She noticed Scott sitting alone in a corner. He seemed kind of glum; he looked as if he might cry. Maybe he was just nervous about the first day of school, but Anela decided she should find out what was going on.

"Hi, Scott," she approached him.
"Hi," he mumbled in a monotone.
"What are you drawing today?"
"Nothing. I don't know what to draw."
"Maybe you could draw a picture of your family."
"No!" Scott started to cry.
She was startled by his sudden outburst.
"Do you need to talk?"
"No, I don't want to talk about it! Just leave me alone!"
"I see that you enjoy writing" she said, as she looked at his paper. He hadn't drawn a picture; he had written a poem.
"Why don't you write how you're feeling today."

Miss Peterson just doesn't understand. She doesn't know what happened two years ago. I hope she never mentions my family again. Maybe...perhaps this is a good way to tell her.

It was a Sunday in July. I had just turned six, and we were going on a picnic to celebrate. My mom and dad were there, along with my sister Sariah, who was ten. Everything was going great; Sariah and I were drawing. My mom was singing away as she looked through a baby book. Yes, another child was on the way. Then, it all happened so fast. My dad dropped something and reached down to pick it up. I don't know what happened after that. The next thing I remember was the hospital room with all those bright lights and noisy monitors. Then they told me that I had been involved in a car accident, and I was thrown from the vehicle. I wasn't really sure what that was all about, until they told me I was paralyzed from the waste down. I had never heard that word before, so when they told me that meant I wouldn't be able to move...I didn't know what to think. That, however, was nothing compared to what my dad told me next. My mom and Sariah were dead.

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