Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 66: The move.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 29 October 2007 03:01 PM)

the next day after school kennan sadly wnt out ot meat the man who he currently lived with, he knew that their would be beetings the momant they got in to the house. When kennan reached the door to his supprise miss anella got his chair and pushed him to a car. Kennan asked with his computer what was going on. Anella lefted him in to the back seat of a car wair he sat tremboling. Suddenly a woman got in to thecar next tohim and lifted him on to her lap. He could tell that it was a woman by the feel of her. Heidi bethanies mother was wairing blue jeans and a white top. She sat in the back seat of the car next to kennan
"Hi my name is heidi and i am going to be your new mother for a while till you move in with brandon and amy. My dauter bethany is scotts cusson and i am scotts mothers sister, unfortunatly she died in a accedent."

Kennan turned to heidi and could instincktivly tell she was nice suddenly he did something thathehad not done since his mother died and gave heidi a hug then to his supprise she lifted him on to her lap and held him like that all the way home. Bethany's father james drove them home in silance.

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