Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 63: Jesus Proof
(by NativeRose, added on 21 October 2007 10:09 PM)

Candice gave Anela Kennan's paper so she could use it to help him. Kennan had told Candice she could read it. After much reassurance that Miss Anela wanted to help him, Kennan had given her permission to show his teacher.

Scott came in from recess a little earlier than the rest of the students.
"Miss Anela?" She looked at Scott, and he continued. "How do I help Shadow. I want to be nice to him, but is he always going to be mean?"
"He just lost his mommy and daddy, and that's hard. You know what it is like."
"Yeah, I talked to Jesus, and He says to love Shadow."
Amy Rose had been summoned to the school to meet with the school psychologist. After she heard the explanation of what happened between Kennan and Scott, she went to Anela's classroom to talk to each boy. She was so proud when she heard Scott's statement. God had surely done great work in Scott. Of course, the refining process would be a long one, but Scott had gotten so far already!
What would life be like for Kennan? She knew he was hurting just as Scott was. Would Kennan let God in to heal him? It would definitely take time, and this was the hardest part, at least for the parents. Brandon and Amy already loved Kennan as if they had raised him from the beginning. Still, he would have to learn that they could be trusted. It would take much longer for him to see them as people who wanted the absolute best for him. Amy thanked God that Scott already wanted to reach out to Kennan. It was a true product of the person God was creating in Scott, and she prayed Kennan would let God's love penetrate his heart and soul.

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