Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 62: All About Me!
(by NativeRose, added on 21 October 2007 09:54 PM)

While an aide took Scott to the nurse's office, Candice entered her office with Kennan. She experienced some trepidation. Each case was different, even when they came from similar backgrounds. How could she reach this hurting child?
Shadow finally had his hearing aids in place, so he was able to hear most of what that weird lady (Candice?) said.
"Can you tell me what's inside you today, Kennan?" She guided his hands to a piece of soft clay. "Make something to show me what's inside." Kennan picked up the ball of clay and threw it across the room.
"Are you mad?" Kennan shook his fists in front of his face, which expressed such anger and sadness!
"There are owies inside?" Candice asked, as she retrieved the ball of clay.
"Can you tell me what hurts? What makes those boo-boos?" She retrieved Kennan's computer from his backpack as he tried to form a response.
"No!" was the only word he said.
"You don't want to tell me about what's going on inside Kennan?"
"No," he said again.
"Okay, can you draw or write it?" He looked uncertain until she said, "it will be just yours. I won't peek."

I'm glad this Candice lady hasn't called me Shadow. I don't like that name. It makes me sad. That's one of the owies inside. The family I live with now gave me the name. Their boy is seven like me. He cried and told them that I went everywhere he did. That's why they started calling me Shadow. He doesn't like me. The big people say he doesn't have to play with me. What if I live with these new people with that new boy? What if he doesn't like me? He was nice today. I don't want him to be mean. That will make me sad. I just won't play with him. What if the new mommy and daddy hate me like my family now? And God? Well, He won't like me, either. I don't want to be sad all the times. No one can fix my boo-boos. Mean people give more owies. They won't help them go away. I need a really really really big Band-Aid to put on my heart. My heart hurts. It's just one big boo-boo!

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