Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 61: A Bridge
(by NativeRose, added on 21 October 2007 09:28 PM)

Scott still sat next to Shadow's desk. He stared at the retreating figure. Scott was so confused and hurt! What had happened? He was just trying to be nice to Shadow. After all, Scott knew all about what it was to lose parents. Though Scott now called Brandon and Amy Rose "dad" and "mom" respectively, he would always remember his real parents. His mommy had died, and Daddy didn't want him anymore. Still, he knew Brandon and Amy loved him as if he was their own child. They always told him that's who he was--their son. They said that, as much as they loved him, they could never love him completely like God did. Didn't Shadow want the same thing? Maybe he was still scared and didn't know or like anyone. Scott remembered what that was like, too. Still, he was just trying to be nice to Shadow, and Shadow was so mean, and he hurt Scott's feelings.
"Jesus," Scott whispered, trying not to cry, "Shadow made me mad. He was mean to me. If he's my new brother, will we like each other? Mommy would never let Shadow throw stuff like he did in class today. She would never let him scream at me like that. Will he always be mean? Mommy and Daddy say I'm supposed to try to be nice to people, even when they hurt me. I have to do that since it is what You would do. Jesus, I need Your help to treat him with kindness, just like You would do."

Anela left her two aides in charge of the class, as she went to find Shadow. What an odd name for a child! She'd have to find out about that one. How could she learn more about him? How could her class help Shadow feel welcome?

She found him frantically rolling down the hallway, but Anela couldn't allow that to continue. He wasn't familiar with the school, and danger lurked at every turn. She raced toward Shadow, who stopped moving when she touched his shoulder. Oh No, she thought. I don't have any communication device. I'll just push him back to class. anela turned Shadow around and pushed him back to her classroom. Thank God for strength training in high school! she thought. There was no way she would have been able to push his chair without that. Anela was about to push Shadow into the classroom, when she heard footsteps and a voice behind her.
"Miss Peterson, it's Candice. I'm ready to play with Kennan."
"Oh, maybe you're just a big child. You get paid to play with precious little ones every day!" Candice laughed as she pushed Shadow to her office.
"Lord, if You're really out there listening, help that boy!" Shadow's revelatory experience with Candice helped shed some light on the mystery of Shadow. It changed the way they saw the Shadow forever.

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