Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 60: new student.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 17 October 2007 07:47 AM)

on monday after her conversation with kyle smith. anella came in to the classroom to talk to the class.

"okay every one we have a new student commint today, his name is shadow and he is blind and death also he is in a wheel chair and his mom and dad have just died. At the momant he lives with a family who beat him and don't love him but he is soon going to be living with a new family. Scott you are going to have a brother and you will love him." that morning as shadow was wheeled in to the room he thought that all this class ware the same as his family and that they would not love him. Suddenly a hand touched him.

"Miss anella how can i talk to him?" asked scott. anella asked scott to say what he wanted to shadow. shadow senced another presents by his desk anella put the braille paper infront of shadow and guided his hand to it. He read the following message.

"Hello shadow my name is scott i love you and am so pleased to meat you, we are the same age and i am going to love you for ever. i need us to learn to talk together and the rest of us in the class will love you to, take god in to your heart and let him love you."

suddenly shadow threw the paper across the room then wheeled blindly round the room throwing everything and hit scottl squarley on the mouth. Shadow then turned and raced from the room.

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