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Chapter 53: A Party Begins a New Life
(by NativeRose, added on 25 April 2006 04:00 AM)

Brandon and Amy Rose were delighted when they were notified of the arrangements for Scott’s party. The teacher was kind to invite Scott’s new parents; they would have the opportunity to meet his classmates. They were concerned about Kyle Smith, however. How would he react to everything: seeing Scott’s physical therapist, psychologist, intake worker and the Rose family? Could he handle the emotional strain of all of that, and why hadn’t Miss Peterson considered this when she created the guest list?

When the day of the party arrived, Scott was taken to his favorite restaurant during the lunch period. It just happened to be the one Kyle had taken Anela to several months before, and Scott was so excited that the same people were with him. Why did Miss Peterson have to leave early? That just wasn’t fair…but she was the teacher, and she had to get back to her class.

When Scott arrived at school that afternoon, all of his classmates, teachers/staff, and family members were ready. Anela, Jane and Anna had done some detective work to discover some of quiet, introspective Scott’s favorite things were. The kitchen staff had agreed to prepare a chocolate cake for him, but Scott missed this aspect of his little gathering. As soon as he entered he saw…it couldn’t be!
“Mariah! Why are you here?”
“I heard it was your last day here, so I thought it would be fun to—“Rosalyn couldn’t wait any longer.
“Surprise!” she exclaimed, as the others joined in.
“What?...No way! What is all of this stuff?”
“We cancelled all classes this afternoon; we wanted to make this day special for you.” Anela explained.
“How did Mariah get here?”
“Nequenta’s mom thought it would be easier for you if she was here—“
“And…Bethany! How did you get here?” In response, Bethany grabbed his hand.
“I’ll race you to the sandbox; Shane is waiting!” Scott reached it first, but Bethany followed close behind.
“It’s not fair!” she said, smiling. “you can move faster in that thing than I can with this!”
“It’s not a big deal, it’s the same for me, Beth.” Shane spoke from where he sat. They sat under the elevated sandbox and prepared quite a masterpiece, as the adults finished preparing food.
Kyle was asked to supervise when Nequenta needed to be changed, but Amy Rose could see he wouldn’t be able to pull it together. It made perfect sense; he was losing his son, and surely he felt like a failure. He couldn’t handle the fact that he caused his wife’s death and altered Scott’s life forever. He had also killed his oldest child, and the unborn child.
“Do you want me to take over?” Amy said softly.
“Would you mind?”
“Not at all…and I’ll be praying for you, Kyle.”
“What could praying do for me? Where was God when…” Kyle took off for Anela’s classroom. He was glad the party was held in the gym, not in her classroom.
Amy scanned the faces scattered about the playground. She was just amazed at how well Anela’s students interacted, and their abilities and challenges were so different. When the group was summoned for cake and ice cream, she saw something more that stunned her. Scott helped Bethany and Shane back to the classroom. Isaac reached out to Jenna as she stumbled over a step. Rosalyn bounced along behind Nequenta’s wheelchair, chattering excitedly. Sierra walked beside Zachariah to make sure he made it to the gymnasium safely and didn’t wander off. Jordan and Adam laughed at some shared secret joke. Andrew pushed Andrea toward the ramp, steering around Nequenta and Rosalyn.
As Amy walked behind the group to chaperone, she knew for certain that God had placed Scott in this class for a reason. He had a rough stretch of road ahead of him, but he would make it with their support…and Brandon’s and her prayers, along with those at her church who helped to fund everything needed for the adoption as well as the remodeling that needed to be done. Scott would adjust well…but what about Kyle? She would certainly pray for him, she would pray that someone would come into his life to take away the emptiness. She sensed that person was Anela…and maybe she could lead him to the Lord. Amy didn’t have time to think about that now, she had a party to attend, and a life to celebrate, that of the child she could not carry, but the one God had blessed her with just the same.

Scott couldn’t believe all the planning that had gone into this party. Everybody was there: Mariah and Bethany; his classmates; Anela, Jane and Anna; his daddy; Brandon and Amy, his new parents; and even Miss Candice (the psychologist), Miss Emily (the intake worker), and his physical therapist, Janell. Wow, this was just great…except his daddy looked so sad. Scott thought it was really nice for Miss Anela to talk to his daddy, even if she was missing some of the games. She still managed to play with Scott and his friends, but he noticed that she often looked at his dad; he sensed that she was worried, but he didn’t know why. When he asked her, she simply hugged him, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, just enjoy your party.”
The gym was empty except Anela, Kyle, Brandon and Amy. Anela could tell Kyle wouldn’t be able to contain his emotions for much longer. He tried to remain “strong” for his son, but she was sure he would crumble when he left Scott at the Rose residence. There was so much Kyle wanted to tell Scott before he left, but he just couldn’t find the words. How could he convey everything he wanted Scott to know? How could he show Scott that he still loved him, despite the fact that he had to move away? Would Scott blame him for everything, and rightly so.
“…so don’t be so hard on yourself,” Brandon was saying.
“What? I’m sorry…I was distracted.” Kyle said apologetically, noticing that Scott and Amy had left the room.
“I said,” Brandon tried again, “none of this is your fault, and there is a reason it happened. God can still use it for something good. I know you can’t see that now, but He can, and He will if you let Him.”
“Well, God wasn’t there as I watched my family die. He certainly didn’t do anything to heal Scott!” Kyle shot back.
“I know you’re angry,” Brandon daid quietly, “just don’t let it consume you…we’ll be praying for you.” He finished when he saw Scott and Amy moving toward the gym. Scott actually had a smile on his face. It was a tiny smile, but it was there just the same. Even though everything in Scott’s life was turning upside down, he knew that, somehow, things would be all right…if this lady didn’t leave him too, like his daddy was doing. He wanted to believe that this lady and her husband could love him, that they wanted to keep him. He could tell by the way they spoke and the expressions on their faces that they wanted him, but it was so hard to believe that it would be forever. Maybe, just maybe…if all that stuff they said about God was true…no, Scott couldn’t let himself believe that.

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