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Chapter 47: More New Faces
(by jennifer palmer, added on 5 August 2004 05:14 AM)

When Anela walked in to her class room she heard something move slightly. "Hello who's there?" She then felt a hand touch her left hand she noticed the person was moving her fingers a thought crossed her mind then. What if this person is deaf or mute what if it is a new student? I am so glad i learned to write with a pin she thought. Just then Shane and Sierra walked in. Shane said "Miss Anela he is trying to tell you his name." "Shane do you know sign language? Anela asked. No he answered i just know how his lips are moving sorta he started doing that when Sierra and I came in. Anela picked up a piece of paper and pencel she handed it to the boy who started to write. "I am mute and cannot speak, my hearing is fine i have a sign language dictionary on me however i have a problem if you are blind as is obvious i have no idea how you will read it." Well, Anela said I have a scanner with software that reads to me I can use that if need be. What's your name she asked him. "My name is Sean he wrote she ran the page through the scanner not yet aware he watched with fascination Shane had read his previous message he noticed that a girl in a wheel chair and another girl had entered and a boy who was obviously like his brother who was paralyzed and a girl who waved a cane wildly had or were comming in. He then noticed a boy who was walking too fast he ran over quickly to stop him from smashing in to a desk and gently redirected him the other way. Oh Isaac the girl with the cane said watch where your going. Just then he saw the girl in the wheel chair who he would soon learn was Nequenta was holding a keyboard with a speaker on it which she used to talk he walked over to her and took it from her as he typed Nequenta stared. She wondered what he wanted with it and why he didn't talk to her or ask. "Can i borrow this the machine said for him I am mute and have no idea what i am going to do for communication the teacgher doesnt know the manual alphebet and I have a strange feeling that the kids in here cant use sign language either. She smiled "sure i have an extra mom always tells me to carry in case." Sean suddenly became aware that more people were comming in two boys came in one of them carried a something in his right hand which he held to his eye it must help him see he thought as the other carried a box in his left hand which he handed to the teacher she didnt have a clue as to what it was even though it was labeled. Sean began to type out the label for her it was a box of medication for the child he let the machine read: Medication for Branden and eye drops for Adam. Anela noticed Sean had Nequenta's communication machine and was gratefull tha tshe had let him use it. Just then Andrea and Jordan came in and she started class introducing the three new students and explaining everything to them that was necessary and helping everyone get started on there first assignment she now had twelve students in her class aand wondered why Branden didn't know what was in the box he seemed to stare in to space according to Jane and

Anna she wandered around the room looking at the childrens assignment with heraides reading or helping her understand zack's odd speech he had progressed so very much since there first day together. When she got to Sean he was sitting at his desk his pencel still moving it was plain to Jane,
Anna and Anela that he was in a higher grade than the other children. What grade are you in Anela asked him I am in the sixth he typed. Anela found the books she would need for him and the ones for Adam and Branden who were both in the fifth she got the three boys started then she went to grade a few papers and write progress reports.

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