Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 42: Awakening
(by Caitlin, added on 10 July 2004 01:15 AM)

Sierra awoke from her nap, and saw Shane sitting beside her in a small, blow-up chair, his kitten, Tara, nestled in his small lap.
"Shane? What happened?" she asked, raising herself on one elbow and looking around the strange room.
"Nothin', you just had a seizure," Shane said.
"Oh. Well, I'm sorry. This was supposed to be a playdate! I mean--"
"Oh Sierra. It's okay, don't be sorry! You can't help it! i don't mind! Really!"
Sierra looked, with amused affection, at Shane's little face.
"Let's go play," she said, changing the subject, and giving Shane a rather weak smile.
"Okay, blocks?" Shane grabbed his walker and laid the cat on the soft bedside rug.
"Yeah, we were having fun," Sierra said.
And they hurried back into Shane's room to continue their game.
Meanwhile, across town, little Jenna, also from Anela's class, was making one of her first phonecalls to a child her own age.

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