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Chapter 41: The Bestest Friend
(by NativeRose, added on 9 July 2004 01:05 AM)

Sierra's mother dropped her off at Shane's home promptly at 8:30 on Saturday morning.
Shane ran out to meet her, as fast as his walker would allow.
"Sierra! I'm so glad you're here!" He jumped up and down, lost his balance, and fell.
"Oh, that's not good," Sierra muttered sleepily. She reached down, helped him stand up, and examined his bloody knees. Shane's mother had arrived on the sceen to see his new friend holding him upright, so he wouldn't pull another imbalance act. Hand in hand, they walked into his house.
"Hey, that's cool!" Sierra exclaimed, as Shane pushed a button, and the door automatically opened.
"Yeah," he replied.

Sierra's mom handed over several labeled medication cups along with written instructions.
"She needs to take her Tegretol and Lamectol at 10:00 this morning. She needs to eat before she takes the meds, and she should take them with milk or water. This is her rescue inhaler and spacer. It is all assembled, so no need to worry about putting it all together, and she knows how to administer the medication. Please allow for short nap periods."
"Absolutely, that's not a problem." She turned, waved, and ran in to the house after the two children.

Shane and Sierra ran into his room and had a mountain of blocks on the floor when his mother appeared.
"It looks like you're already at it," she said.
"Sierra," Shane whispered.
"Sierra?...Mom!" At this, Shane's mom came running.
"What is it?"
"I thought she just fell asleep, and then I saw her legs move...I think she's having a seizure!"
"Okay, calm down. Remember, Mommy is a nurse, and she sees things like this all the time."
"Oh...oh yeah." Ebony Shields, with the help of her husband, Caleb, moved all furniture out of Sierra's path. ?An hour later, Sierra had her last seizure...for the time being. She had had nine in that time period. Caleb put Sierra in Shane's sister's bed to sleep.
"Hi, Natalie. This is Ebony Shields, Shane's mom. Sierra just had several seizures...Oh, don't worry. I don't know if you remember, but I am a nurse, and I see things like that all the time. My own son has seizures, though not nearly as many as Sierra...Oh yes, she's fine, she's sleeping. I'll get her in time for breakfast and medications...Don't worry, she'll be fine. I just wanted to let you know." When Ebony returned to Sierra, she saw something that surprised her, although she should have known it all along. Shane sat beside Sierra, watching her face intently.
"What are you looking for?" Ebony whispered.
"Well, I know that when her face turns blue, then she's in trouble. I don't want her to go to hostible again. That was scary for me, I'm sure she was really scared."
"She'll be fine. You know, after she sleeps this morning, she'll be ready to play this afternoon. I think playing with your blocks was a good idea. Maybe you can do that when she wakes up."
"Yeah!" he smiled, then returned to his vigilent watch on her peaceful countenance sleeping before him.

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